The Return of Nokia X

Few days ago, we published a concept design of Nokia X that we are not sure if HMD Global will ever bring to lime light. But today, it appears Nokia X will be launched on April 27th.


For those of you that aren’t aware, Nokia X was Nokia’s first Android smartphone that never felt like an Android phone. It was announced at the World Mobile Communications Conference (MWC) on February 24, 2014.  The interface looks just like windows phone; but we are expecting something more different this time.

Nokia x

An Android phone that never felt like an Android phone is a failure. In other words, you can call it Nokia failure hidden from the public because Nokia don’t want you to remember this. However, HMD Global is preparing to bring it back to the market.

Photos have emerged and revealed that HMD Global is having a launch event on April 27 in China, and the device to be launched is Nokia X. The photo shows a bill board post with two phones crossed at each other to form an X.

nokia x

Nokia X Specification

From what we know so far from the photos, It will come with 2.5D curved display and a metal body. We don’t know if it will come with same specifications of the Nokia X concept design or with ZEISS branding.

We don’t know if it will be a midrange device or a flagship device. We can’t even say if it will be called Nokia X (ex) or 10. But if it will be call  X or 10, I bet, HMD Global will never disappoint. Because the higher the number the crazier the spec.



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20 thoughts on “The Return of Nokia X

  1. Yes oooh I once used Nokia X when it came out then. It was my very first order from Konga. D phone didn’t meet my expectations

  2. “HMD never disappoints”. this much is true. The phone won’t be a midranger sha, they already have that category well covered

  3. Nokia x is wHen nokia was doing “I too know ” they wanted to create their own unique android phone. I hate that phone

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