Alert: Beware Of Scammers Using My Name To Scam

Hello guys, it so unfortunate that some epileptic, poverty
stricken scammers are trying to spoil my name which is disheartening but they
came too late. How can someone claimed to be Yomiprof  be asking you to pay  money to activate Magic Sim? Or to buy
a crack vpn for unlimited download?

All these are the work of scammer’s. I have never demanded any
money from anybody before giving out any tweak or info and I’ll never demand
any money from you guys.  I don’t blog
because of money but for the love I have for it.
Below is a sample of the scammers email claiming to be
Yomiprof. Just zoom the image below to see it clearly.
Scammer’s Name: Chukwudi
Scammer’s email: [email protected]
Scammer’s Phone number: 08134807598
Whoever this is definitely lacks the potential to make
progress in life. Please don’t send any money to anybody telling you to pay for
anything in my name. I repeat again, I’ll never demand for money before I release
any tweak or tutorial. Always confirm from me please.
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7 thoughts on “Alert: Beware Of Scammers Using My Name To Scam”

  1. Yomiprof plz i lost 12000 on nairabet plz i nid u too plz hv pitty on me nd plz post nairabet vfl tricks am cryin plz help i hv to use de moni for part of fees plz help me u re on person i can cry to help me plz

  2. it is really a pity that people will pay back good with evil. Yomi dear, do not be discouraged by such acts by greedy people who have decided to fail in life.
    Just be of good cheer and never for once stop doing the good that you are known for.
    Thanks also for bringing it to the notice of your readers, for me i know you will never belittle yourself like that.
    You are instead going to continue to soar higher more than the eagle.

  3. Nigerians!!! Eh! No wonder the white man finds it very very difficult to trust the back man! is this not a typical example, eh? Yomiprof gives us all free tweaks & info, and anoda unscrupulous nincompoop decides to trade it for money in his name! habaaa! Shame on you Chukwudi the scammer, bcos I know u and your friends will read this!

    Cheers Yomi


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