Best Alternative Internet Plan For Iphone And PC Users

This post will benefit mostly  PC 
users and  iPhone users  and others but not all. Most especially those
device does not support any VPN. To be candid with you, using VPN on system
with Mtn bis plan somehow sucks; because by the time you calculate the amount
spent on the bis subscription and premium VPN, it’s  totally way off.
Am really sure this is going to help our iPhone users and
perhaps some other PC Users. Though am pretty aware that Mtn bis still rocks
with Droid vpn on Android but a little more update  on this will surely make sense.

I’ll quickly share an alternative to Mtn bis plan but a
little more expensive than bis plan. It is Mtn Night plan which you can use all
day and all night without any interception. The plan goes for #2,500 with 4.5GB
data cap.
Can This Plan Works On My Device?
Currently, this plan works on all device  except blackberry phone for Pinging.
Do I Need To Make Use Of VPN?

No! it rocks without the use of any vpn. Am really sure iPhone
users can make use of this plan since it does not require a vpn before it will
work on any device.
How Can I Subscribe For This Plan?
Just text 102 to 131 and the plan will be activated.
Mind you, it’s a night plan but currently works during the
day time and even faster in areas where 3G network is available.
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25 thoughts on “Best Alternative Internet Plan For Iphone And PC Users”

  1. What makes this plan work during the day is that you will be given additional 1GIG for free after you exhaust the 1GIG you will not be able to connect until the normal night plan start…

  2. @Esoftmaster, you know some vpn does'nt work with iPhone which in turns means that using bis on some iPhones does not pay iPhone users except you are using Airtel blackberry plan.

    It's just all about individual preference man…

  3. Do u know whc plan is better between super saver and mtn i pulse…@ Mr yomi…do both offer 10mb wen one recharge…pls whc is beta….anticipating ur reply ..tnx

  4. u right @ yomi its all about individual preference
    like am on android i was rocking airtel 2gb in warri but in ibadan airtel in my area is zero so am think of doing this mtn stuff and i hate vpn. oh and yomi is the first comment true. yomi pls do ff me on twitter @ceobotics thanks tho u dey work

  5. Anonymous4 September 2013 18:40, Ipulse and Supersaver are almost thesame, both offer 10mb when your recharge, they both offer credit bonus when you recharge 200 and above but you can't use your bonus credit on supersaver because it does not support Best Friend Forever. While iPulse does. I'll still suggest you go for iPulse

  6. @Devostical, Thank God you finally cracked it. First of all, to select a profile name go to your modem settings and add a new profile depending on the network you want to use on your modem.
    Concerning VpN, You can use pd proxy on system

  7. @yomi_prof,I emailed u bro bt u neva replied
    I jst wanna kno is the etisalat with pd proxy tweak stil working?…and that etisalat bb tweak,pls run me tru hw to do it,here is my email azdaprynce[@]…

  8. Pls how do I upgrade my sandwish vpn with naira and which one is the best btw sandwish vpn and pdproxy…. And more ove how do I use pdproxy…… Pls help me reply dis question as soon as possible

  9. Just calculate it urself eso…..
    Mtn monthly 1000 plus VPN 650
    Equally 1650 with 3gigs

    You sub for airtel 2plus 1 offer it's gives you 4gigs, I don't need VPN nor anything to tunnel me. Now tell me wich is most preferable and long lasting, stability also?

    The answer is left for you sir!
    Have a nice day

  10. This is the modem settings for Airtel
    Apn: or
    username: internet
    Password: internet

    Modem settings for Glo:
    Apn: glosecure
    username and password:glosecure


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