Amazon Launches ‘Internet’ Browser for Budget Android Phones

We are not done using all the web browser on google playstore, Amazon too is adding more to it. Even the firefox focus browser I downloaded month back, I hardly open it.

Amazon has announced a new web browser for Android called ‘internet’. Internet is a basic, low resource browser for budget Android smartphones.


Internet browser is lighter than you can ever imagine, in which it really has only a handful of features. The homepage shows you your frequently visited websites and some trending news stories, much like Chrome. You can open multiple tabs and also use private browsing. And that’s pretty much it, really.

Since its meant for budget android phones, Amazon made it just 2MB in size. At the moment, it is only available in india and some selected devices.

Where Can I Download Internet?

You can download it here

Is it just me, or do we see shades of UC Browsers in here?

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17 thoughts on “Amazon Launches ‘Internet’ Browser for Budget Android Phones”

  1. Seeing not available in your country when I clicked on the link. I think d apk should be available. Need to try it out

  2. oversaturation of browsers on play store. if they did copy N paste of UC here, I hope it extended to the download speed too

  3. Too much browsers everywhere. Maybe amazon want to use it as a means to be specifically serving users ads of their products from their website. Marketing strategy. And yes a lot of this browsers are just like a replica of uc browser. Uc mini sef

  4. I just want to see what it look like before uninstalling it, so let me install it. Am cool with puffin browser pro/mc browser


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