Review: Best Unlimited Downloading Plan Suitable For Heavy Downloaders

This is not
new, neither is it too old to be revisited but once in a while, it’s best we
lay hands on review on the best downloading plan. Just like we have a lot of
internet users, downloaders and movie freak. I see no sense in wanting to
download a movie worth gigs and you are using normal data plans… that’s not
wisdom, neither is it foolishness, but you can give it a name.

Well, Etisalat
Pay As You Go
Pulse is a time-based data plan. Instead of the subscriber being
given a data allocation, this plan gives the subscriber access to unlimiteddata at a rate of N15 for every 5 minutes. The subscriber’s time counts only as
long as they are connected. In order words, if you are not connected, you time
won’t count.

gave the plan a trial this afternoon. Subscribing was easy. I dialed *229*5*7#,
and waited for an SMS confirming my subscription, then loaded N500 airtime on
my eti sim. Then, I put the SIM in my Etisalat MiFi device and switched it on.
It got a connection immediately and I was able to use the connection on both
laptop and mobile.

usage all afternoon, I consistently got speeds in the range of 2.5 Mbps for
downloads and 1 Mbps for uploads. 

up, N15 per each five minute slot translates to N90 per 30min. I was able to download a file upto 1.8GB with just mere #165; this is not
exactly bad. That means N500 gives me a total connection time of a little less
than 3 hours. When not in use, I just turn off the MiFi in order to disconnect.

Should Use This Plan

internet downloader’s
& game addict who often download games and latest movies.
==>Blackberry user who want to upgrade to the latest OS. Usually update takes up to 1Gig;
with this in less than 30 min, your update should be completed.

You Should Use This Plan

is fast: Etisalat in 80% location is faster in terms of connection, downloading
and uploading. Meaning within 5min, you should be able to download at minimum
200Mb file.
is suitable alone for downloading heavy files, and upgrading an OS of any kind.
save cost in the sense that, you don’t need to use your normal data for it. #15…
so cheap
time only count when you are connected.

Can I Subscribe

subscribe for Etisalat Pay As You Go Pulse, dial *229*5*7#. To deactivate, dial
you want to enjoy this plan to the fullest, make sure you are on easy cliq
because atimes, your money won’t read but the connection will be up.

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30 thoughts on “Review: Best Unlimited Downloading Plan Suitable For Heavy Downloaders”

  1. While I was to root my phone
    (New Infinix Zero) I used one
    application which at the end of
    the day installed a Super User
    on my phone. It has since then
    deny access to those
    application that required root
    access. Which means the
    phone was not rooted
    properly. It is difficult to
    remove d Super User bcos it
    has no proper root access. Pls
    what can I do. Pls help me prof.

  2. I tried the *229*5*7# on my two etisalat sim cards and I keep getting the message "sorry, the operation failed. Please try again. Thank you for using Etisalat" anybody with such experience?

    • It is an error from dir page, I'm flexing it. Do it like

      Get your sim on easycliq so that you
      recieve free mb when you recharge.
      2.Recharge N100, they give you 5mb or
      3.Start your browsing, preferrably
      4.They usually reset the connection at
      55mins, so ur download will most likely
      stop at that time.
      5.Just disconnect, dial *229*0#, followed
      by *229*5*7# and reconnect.
      6.After another 55mins, do the same

  3. pls prof yomi after which I have downloaded the mobile uncle tools all it could show is only engineer mode nothing like connectivity on my screen and it has been rooted infinix x351

  4. Prof pls dose diz wrk with bb too, cuz I cnt imagine ma slf using N100 4 50mb 4 etisalat 1day bb plan…… Wen 3gb won't evn serve me 4 2dayz cuz am a vry heavy internet user

  5. this is the bomb… i have been using this 100 for the the past 3days now and dwnloaded over 3GB worth of file.. It seems something is wrong with etisalat data base ooo… #Etisalat Magic Sim

  6. I have been using #100 2 dowload without etisalat diducting my money. Make sure ur phone has 3G or 4G network. Load etisalat 100 or more nd u wil b given 5MB. Nw dial *229*5*7# nd wait 4 reply. Immidiatly u get a reply from etisalat.turn On ur 3G network. Browse nd download 4 abwt 14 to 17Minutes dependin on hw much u recharged… den send *229*0# nd wait 4 abwt 5seconds nd den u turn off ur data. Ur #100 wil stil b der. Etisalat wil send u a masg saying dat '''u have 0.28mb of data… NOTE dat if etisalat did nt giv u 5mb or more it wont work oo!! If u ah confused add me on whatsapp +2348104377373

  7. I think somethin is wrong with etisalat data couz i hav been usin dis same trick.. but i do my own wit #500 Naira. I wil browse and download 4 abwt 2hours nd etisalat wil nt lay hands on my money…

  8. Finally Etisalat has come to our rescue. With this plan, the fear of exhausting or looking for which data plan to suit your heavy file downloads will be no more. At least i have a package to proffer to my troublesome movie freak friend

    Yomi thanx alot for this tips

  9. Hi Yomi, Am having a serious issue with my infinix zero, i put my phone on meeting mode (just vibration) then i try to put it back to general mode (ringtone) but it bounce back to meeting mode. Switch off d phone den put it on back and set it to general mode, it stays for awhile but once call comes in it bounce back to meeting mode. Have even thing on the settings still the same, Please what can i do


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