Airtel Launches New Plan – Always-on + Unlimited Internet

Airtel NG just launched another plan after the recent
launching of WTF Plan… It seems these guys know what is simply best for their
customers. They are smart enough to distinguish between the heavy internet
users, simple internet users and the jeans & trouser internet users. Airtel fans are actually going to love this plan because it’s somehow related to
Etisalat PayG.

The Plan is called ALWAYS ON & is designed to give you
access to internet without breaking your budget. At N5 for 1MB daily, this
offer is not only affordable but first of its kind. In other words, on opting
in to the Always On data plan, subscribers are gifted 1MB on daily basis, at a
rate of N5 per day. Subsequent internet activity after the daily 1MB is
exhausted attracts a pay-as-you-go billing of 1 kobo per kilobyte – 1MB should
amount to about N10 in charges. So, essentially, you’re charged N5 for your
first daily MB and then twice that amount for every subsequent MB.
I can see why this plan makes sense, particularly for the
jeans & trousers internet users. Base on  cost of the data plan, at N5 per day is N150.
For that amount, at 1MB free daily, you get 30MB. For someone who doesn’t do
much other than  to share text and imaged
on WhatsApp, 30MB  will actually go a
long way.
How Can I Opt-in to This Plan?
To activate the ALWAYS ON offer simply dial *401#
or send the keyword ’ON’ to 401.
How Can I Opt-Out?

To opt out dial *401*1# or send the keyword ‘OFF’ to 401

If you are a heavy internet user, take a bike and run out of
this thread because you don’t need it couple with your hungry looking data
sapping apps, policing on your device.
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34 thoughts on “Airtel Launches New Plan – Always-on + Unlimited Internet”

  1. pls prof, what is the android OS of the mtn S620. Is it a strong phone? I just need a smartphone that can whatsapp and browse the internet thats all. Do you recommend it. Thanks and God bless

  2. @Yomi…I love dt templerun Oz game…it makes my day anytime I'm less busy….if u can give a download link to such games (maybe once a week) it will be good(I'm not talking abt where to download it ooo but a link to the direct download itself cos it will take a million task to download frm their sites) thanks…will be expecting more interesting games.

  3. Airtel 600mb cheat
    Dial the straight steps
    accordingly :
    1. *141*13*50#
    2. *141*13*100#
    3. *141*13*200#
    4. *948*1#
    5. *141*13*1#
    6. *141*712*007#
    7. *141*712*001#
    8. *141*712*0#
    9.*885*0# or *223#

    NOTE: if u have a lucky sim u will get
    200mb,5mb,1mb 394mb =600MB
    if u have a fairly lucky sim u wil get
    300mb to 100mb
    if u dont av a lucky sim u wil get 50mb
    downward. But d least u can get is 6mb.

    • Hello Paul, I think he has already provided a detail explanation about changing your imei in about 7 differnet post that I've seen on this blog.

      Mind you not flashing your imei but changing your imei. Changing your imei will allow you use other network blackberry like glo, etisalat etc on your phone. If it is an mtn android phone, you can use MtkDroid tool to change your imei, on the second sim port because the first sim port is customised by mtn…

  4. prof good morning, i v problem with partern lock on my phone tecno L3, after much wrong partern enter by my baby is showing sign in with google id. pls help me with the unlocking. my mail [email protected]. thanks

  5. Goodevening prof. Pls can you generate 3 blackberry imei for me. Did as u said and downloaded the mobile uncle n have seen where i can change it. And pls sir. How do i go about the etisalat magic sim. And can i be added to ur whatsapp group sir. 08105338813. Tanx sir alot

  6. Do u know u can get chep data pans from communications
    mtn, and glo
    1gb @800
    2gb @ 1500
    Etisalat and aitel
    500mb @ 500
    1gb @800
    2gb @ 1500
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