#BBNaija: What does Big Brother Naija add to us?

not a fan of the reality TV show but I found this article interesting to share,
culled from The Nation.

Reality TV Show, Big Brother Naija started on 28th January,
2018, with twenty housemates going into the house in South Africa, to compete
for the prize. The winner is to get prizes worth 45 million naira (25 million
naira cash, a brand new SUV Jeep, and other prizes).
are in the house competing this season. The show is to end in April.Viewers
vote for their favourite housemates to keep them in the house, as the one with
the least vote gets evicted from the show. 

have however been a lot of criticisms to the show. Critics believe that the
show encourages sexual immorality. An example is what has been trending online
between two housemates, Teddy A and Bambam, having sex in the toilet.
 Another example is Miracle, who has engaged in similar acts with female
housemate, Nina.
have constantly engaged in fights and disagreements, amongst themselves, so far
in the show. Cee-C is one person that comes to mind in this regard. She has had
issues with housemates like Lolu, her former partner, Ifu-Enada, Alex, and even
her former strategic partner, Tobi. As youths, we begin to wonder what this
show teaches us. Are we supposed to learn how to fight one another from the
Last Sunday, Leo and
were evicted as a pair, causing Alex, who really liked Leo to cry
uncontrollably. This was the fourth pair leaving the house.The remaining
housemates are playing as individuals, and will be evicted individually from
this Sunday.
Do you watch Big brother Naija
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21 thoughts on “#BBNaija: What does Big Brother Naija add to us?”

    • Think beyond your TV Screen. it adds alot. Atleast it will make you forget about Nigeria's problem for some time.

      It add alot. You better start watching it.

      • Nigerians say this a lot, and i find it very sad. “forget your worries/problems” instead of tackling them. So after the big brother show, your problems would be automatically solved shey? Guy, it will wait for you!
        Same thing with comedy and the likes. These things are just for entertainment, doesn’t solve any problem.
        Me, I’m not a fan of big brother, it’s a total waste of time.

  1. I don't watch cos it add absolutely NOTHING to me. I see it as a mere waste of time. 45 million worth of prize that's terribly humongous for the show of this nature without direct impact on youth development. It shows the kind of country we are in, that misplaces priority, not even a university professor can smell such a money through out his/her service year. A first class graduate can be rewarded with no Job while someone is rewarded 45 million for kissing and having sex… End time calling..

  2. I watched it sometimes like when they gave them task. Nigerians are good in criticism, if u are giving opportunity to be there u will also play ur own character. To watch the problem is not even by force. There are other so many reality shows anyone can watch. After the programme someone is going to be a millionaire.

  3. Check out you will definitely see that people that are saying it doesn't add value never for one day watch it. Why is that it is only the bad things that media report about bbn? The reason is because the media and bloggers know what will draw traffic to their platform. They write about it and show it. For God sake the so said sex that happened, how many secs did they show it on the screen? Did any body see anything? . People saying it doesn't add value.tell me what value does your so called Government adding to the youths? Snakes and monkies stealing money? Rats chasing your president away from the office?. Or your pastors flying private jets?

    Cm'on guys do you know how many people that are benefiting from the show? Maybe you need to do your background check before you say it is not adding any value. You self saying it doesn't add value? What value are you adding? Mr value adder. Abeg bbn continue jare.

  4. At the early stages, I occasionally tuned to the channel but had to stop because of the poor content. Besides, I had different tutorials to watch to keep myself busy and also entertain myself. There's no doubt that we all can learn one or two from the show, but I'll stick to not watching for now.

  5. Someone said it adds a lot, think beyond your tv screen…at least it lets you forget the country’s problem for a while, that means by April you get back to remembering the problem? Another claimed a lot are benefiting from it, name them, name the categories. I checked the comments on the tv, I realized most people watching and commenting, 80% of all are below 25, that’s enough to tell you they’re just entering the struggle stage. Let’s calculate something together, you vote via SMS for 30 Maria and if you have like 500000 out of like 1Million voting via SMS, how much do you think gets in payporte’s Pocket? You use your data to vote on their site and FB, I don’t want to say much but get it, all of you interested in BBN please don’t complain you’re broke ooo, or start complaining 9mobile zaps data, MTN slow, Glo no good, stick to your BBN even after April.


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