Will You Rock This Power Bank That Can Last You For 2Weeks? 100,000mAh Battery Capacity

I have searched all through our online stores to see if I’ll
find something like this but the highest I’ve seen so far was 30,000mAh
capacity power bank and it goes for N6,100.
Lo and behold I found this, a 100,000mAh capacity power bank
that can charge all your gadget at once without a single drop of power. It can
sustain you for good two weeks without you thinking of charging it even though
its solar powered.

See the features

Product: 2014 New Solar Power Bank 80000mAh
Capacity: 100000mAh (Adequate)
Batteries: Japan’s imports of solar panels!
Size: 120mm*75mm*25mm
Weight: 320g
Style: Europe/US
Material: New Ultra-thin aluminum alloy shell

Edition type: Fashion / High-quality / High

Scope: All phones are applicable!
Why Should I Go For This Power Bank

==>High capacity 100000mAh external backup
battery for your iPhone 3G,4G,4S,5,5G,
iPod, iPad 1,iPad2, iPad3,iPad
Mini,iPad 4, and all mobile phones.
==>Can last you upto 2weeks
without charging
==>the USB output, more
==>High efficiency of power
==>Dual charging option i.e
Solar or normal charger.
==>It is compatible with
Android, Nokia, all iOS products, blackberry etc.

Priced at $16.24 + $3.68
(delivery charge)=$19.92  in Naira (N4,600) and will be delivered to your location in
just 14days.

If you are a traveler, you
really need this and not all those crappy power bank those creative guys sells
by the road side.

 You can get it here

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17 thoughts on “Will You Rock This Power Bank That Can Last You For 2Weeks? 100,000mAh Battery Capacity”

  1. I bet you, this power bank real capacity won't be more than 5,000mAh.

    Original 12,000mAh power bank cost more than the price of your 100,000mAh.

    So you think it's 100,000mAh, how do you want to charge it, if it's truly 100k then it will take close to one week to fully charge.

    Advise: Don't waste your money on that rubbish.

  2. Pls this power bank is 10000mAh not 100000mAh, buying from China demands close attention. Always take your time to check at the specifications. It says about 9001mAh – 10000mAh.

  3. its real.. av gotten mine yesterday and its super ok. though not from aliexpress buh from a shop and it goes for 7k

  4. Likely to be a fake product. I was a victim of substandard product on aliexpress. I bought a power bank rated 50000mah for $14 but it's actual power is around 3000 mah bcos it could only charge cubot S200 with 3300mah battery just once


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