How to Increase Your Speaker Volume & Incoming Call Volume With Mtk Engineering Mode

Mtk devices has come a very long way and I’m
a fan of all matured mTk devices. Without much doubt, most mTk devices speaker volume or
incoming calls volume seems to be very poor; it can’t be compared to that of

So today, I’ll show you how to increase your speaker volume
and your incoming call volume. This tutorial is just for mTk users. Sorry if
you are not an mtk fan, just seat and read the next thread.

==>Engineering mode Mtk
==>Patience in following this guide.
How Can I Increase my Speaker Volume?

==>Open Engineering mode mtk (download it here if you don’t
have it)
==>Click on “Engineering mode (mtk)”
==>Swipe to “Hardware Testing” and select Audio
==>Select loud speaker mode. You’ll find Max volume value
128, set it to 145 and hit the set button
Note: You can set this value upto 160 if you want but it’s
mostly recommended you set it maximally to 150 in order to safe guard your
To increase your incoming call volume,

Repeat the same procedures for Sip, Mic, Sph, Sph2,
Sid and Media. Once
you are done with this, hit the set button and you are good to go.
For Non MTK Android Users
Download Speaker boost here
If the volume is too loud, you can go
back and reduce the maximum volume until you get your satisfaction.
Any question?

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  1. Hello prof, you don't reply email msgs and this is the only other means I knw of reaching u. I will like to root my Samsung note 3 duos. Pls advise on the precautions should I take 1st b4 doing so. I have read many tutorials online on hw to root the phone. Pls which should I use. Towelroot is one of them. Thanks in advance advance prof

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