Get Free Gearbest Coupon Here Usable on 11.11

Please if you’ve already placed an order on gearbest for
upto 25 days and your order hasn’t arrive, please kindly use the comment box to
drop your order number and maximum attention will be given to it from their CC.

But they are given all manner of coupons on their site
usable on 11.11 festival. Atleast I can spot Ulefone B Touch 2  4G Phablet which typically goes for $189.99
has $95.99 free coupon (meaning you can get it for just $93)
The normal Window10 Chuwi Hi8 Pro Tablets now goes for $76 (N16,720) using the coupon code.
There are other coupons available for you, just check this
link here. 
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45 thoughts on “Get Free Gearbest Coupon Here Usable on 11.11”

  1. Prof, 25 days is too much, already got me worried, cos i been thinking of placing all my orders there on black Friday, on a normal day, how long does it take?

  2. The following orders shipped by 17/09/2015 have not gotten to me in Ile-Ife . Other numbers are : W1509121347259500 and WB1509121403537524 and lastly W1509251323505190 –this last one was shipped on 25/09/2015. Thanks Prof

    • This order number is not correct W1509251323505190. Check and verify

      And for this W1509121347259500 and WB1509121403537524, it's already 45 working days so you have two options here, It's either your money is refunded or they'll resend the product to you. Which ever option you choose, kindly let me know.

    • Hello Busayo,
      I'd spoken with them and they say your money will be refunded on this two items. order:W1509121347259500, WB1509121403537524.

      As for the last item order:WB150925132350519. It's not upto 4 working days. So you will need to wait for the product to arrive.

  3. I don't know mayb its jst me, buh i jst can place order on elephone P8000, seems China HK dosnt ship to Nigeria as it won't bring shipping method, yet it wil ask me to select it, which i can't find, av tried odas and it worked buh China HK apns to b d only store wif elephone P8000 4G and i can't place order oo.. Now d price is $139 av been on it over 2weeks now.. Mr yoni is there a way round it?

  4. Please prof i don't know why gearbest refund my order WB1511110313515026 for Chuwi Hi8 pro which i ordered yesterday with coupon code, please help me find out sir

  5. oga prof. i am preparing for black friday on gearbest. i dont have a paypal account yet. pls put me through. Also, buying from gearbest and shipping to nigeria, what are the things involved? abeg explain to me. Can you help me to buy phones on gearbest come black friday. my mail is [email protected]


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