Update: Etisalat Bis On Non BB Device

I don’t really understand what is temporarily wrong with
Etisalat telecommunication; I received series of text and calls today that bis
has been blocked completely.  First of
all not accessible by new subscribers and some existing users are equally
complaining about excessive credit deduction instead

of Mb deduction. I still
have about 1.5GB left on my modem and it’s still blazing fast; though I got a message
from etisalat yesterday that my bis sub has expired but I’m still browsing with

To those who have not yet subscribed, I will suggest you don’t
subscribe until an appropriate solution is provided to this. And to those who
are still using it to surf the net, please don’t recharge on your sim even
though you get a message from them that your bis has expired, it will still be
In due course, solutions will be provided and a better
cheaper alternative to surf the net will equally be provided if peradventure
Etisalat block this bis access on non bb device.
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33 thoughts on “Update: Etisalat Bis On Non BB Device”

  1. Prof i have about 30072 MB and i can't browse. Have been charged 100 Naira four times already. I tried to deactivate the plan by sending *229*0#. I was not deactivated. Tried switching to easy starter by dialing *244*2# but i remained stuck to Etisalat blackberry voice plan. Tried dialing *599*3*2# to load 100 Naira to block the mucus on the 3GB but was charged 100 Naira without being able to connect. Please i need solutions bro

    • Switch off your phone and wait for a minute, switch it on again and see what happens. Mine did the same initially but after following the above instruction it started work. Now let me pray for your phone so that it received divine intervention, So I pray, Amen? Amen.

    • Lol.. @Asiegbu,
      @Wilshere, Did you get a confirmation that your bb10 sub is as been activated? If you didn't, look for a blackberry phone and insert your sim inside it, make sure you browse with it on your bb, then check your bal if dey are deducting your mb. If they are not deducting your mb, then you will need to call 200 to activate bis for you.

  2. hmmm now am confused don't know whether I shud try as possible to finish my data plan(2gig plus) before they stop dis..although I didnt recieve any text or call and am still browsing perfectly

  3. Hello prof., Thanks for all the information you are providing here. I just subscribed and It was displaying, on my browser but it will connect, not browsing, it is displaying standstill 00.00kps up and down. Please what is the way out?

    • Hello Anonym,
      Please make sure you clear all the already set apn on your device. And reset the apn to blackberryx.net without passwd or username. Another thing you should note is that make sure they activate your bb10 bis sub because atimes they will just deduct your money without activating the plan for you.

    • If you used your own for 3days, that means it as been working. So check your remaining data bal by dialin *228# and then re-check your apn to what is expected

  4. I think all is well with this etisalat bis, don't get agitated. When I did mine the very first time, I got a message that the process could not completed. 3x I repeated it, same error. Mind u, I used sms method instead of sending codes. After receiving the error messages, I just decided to check my data balance and saw 3072mb.I proceeded to send the bb10 15mb sms, I received it. Configured my apn and walk blazing. I just downloaded Gravity 2013.

  5. mine is blazing with SNAIL speed………….DG

  6. hi prof i need ur help cuz d prev bis subscriptn i did work perfectly okay but when it almost got exhausted i decided to top it yesterday but when i did d 3g n bb10 i notice d both were not join cuz it was showing u have 3072gb and d 15mb was added to d last data plan i did n today i load #100 to activate it but it was autorenew but still yet it didnt join d 3g cuz wen i check my data bal etisalat will send me dis msg dat u ve 3072gb n 15mb but right now am confuse coz i dont know wat way to make it add to d 3072gb so it can start deducting d mb

  7. @Everyone, like i said from the above post, that i'll work out another means of using this tweak. So if you've subscribed and the 15mb didn't join the initial 3GB, just be patient while another way out is bn deviced. And to those who has not yet subscribed, don't sub once you exhaust your 3GB until you see an update about it.

  8. Pls what's the cheapest alternative as some of us just cant do without browsin long hours. Is airtel still working on non bb devices?

  9. I Subscribed before. after my 3GB finished, i tried to resubscribe, but it isnt working, its saying Sorry the Operation failed. what do i do Sir?

  10. wen yu peeps are sayin dia fin it fils like magic… i don try tire nd every tym i load credit.. d 15mb daily plan kips renewin nd constantly eatin ma credit… ma 3072mb is still der untouched… pls hw do i cancel auto renewal?

    • To stop auto renewal, just call customer care by dialing 200 and tell them to deactivate auto renewal for you at thesame time, they should activate your bis plan lying domant on your sim. i.e the 3072mb.

  11. Yomi, wassup? My ETI works only on a blackberry. i resubed using the normalway of 15 mb and den the bis plan……it did not work…changed the apn to blackberry.net , blackberryx.net , etisalt but it did not work……..i think the way to rock it is to get the apn they now use for blackberry and insert same for android……please reply to [email protected]

  12. hello prof etisalat dey do wonder oooo my sub. fee of 1000 was refunded to my acct. after i used two days to disturb their customer care to complain to them that my bb subscription is not active what do think i should do now should i try the new method or still hold on for a new update

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