How To Hide WhatsApp ‘Last Seen Timestamp On iPhone,Android, Window/Nokia Phones

Whatsapp is one great hell of a app that intentionally
reduce the use of 2go to a low level application. I can bet that most people
prefer to make use of whatsapp than bbm. But I don’t know if you’ve all notice
that on whatsapp, it’s not everybody you will like to chat with even though
they are chatting

with you; but because of the privacy steeling display “Last
time seen” that will always show each time someone visit your profile. It’s
just so annoying and disgusting.  Or maybe
when you are online you want your status to display offline, then you are
reading the tutorial at the right time.

In an easy steps, I’ll quickly show you how to disable that
Pkonkius  display of last time seen on
all device.
For Android,
I know this as I know my name that Android users are really
going to love this app with the ease of use.
==>Download this simple app called “last time seen” from
play store or here
==>Install it and the work begins. There are also similar
app that does the same thing as this which include; whatsapp ghost mode last
seen but I’ll recommend the above.
To turn your online status into offline (People won’t know
when you are online or offline), download Hide last seen status and you are good to go.
For iPhone/iPad,
iPhone users don’t need to stress themselves on this as the
update is already available from whatsapp.
Just go to Settings >> Chat
Settings >> Advanced
and then toggling the Last Seen Timestamp ‘Off’ allows
users to have at least a little bit of mystery surrounding their chat status.
How To Disable Whatsapp Last Seen On Window/Nokia Phones
Unfortunately there is no such app for windows phone and
Nokia S60 and S40 phone so you can do it manually on them.
Yes! Manually just disable your Internet connection (turn off wifi and mobile
data whatever you are using) then Open Whatsapp, and this will not let your
friends know that you have seen there messages.
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