What do You Expect This N24,327,000 TV to do For You?

Black Friday is just few days away and I’m sure you are fully prepared for the bang. However, Jumia is offering this Massive LG Curved 4K UHD Smart LED TV – 105″ -104.6″ Diagonal.


For just ₦24,327,620… I don’t know if the LED TV will see the future or automatically give you an orgasm.

Are you using it?

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26 thoughts on “What do You Expect This N24,327,000 TV to do For You?”

  1. What the fuck!!! Please can someone tell me if the T.V will make one to make heaven? If it is YES I will find the money anywhere to get it.

  2. Since i learnt it can see the future, no problem then after all, a lot of people can come to your house for consultation about their future, your charge them, and i no time you have make your money plus profit back,
    Else, it’s a waste of money for all i care.


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