You Can Now Reach MTN Customer Care Via WhatsApp

been expecting this to happen considering the rate at which WhatsApp is growing
by the day. You can now reach MTN customer care on WhatsApp instead of dialing 180 and
waiting endlessly for CC to pick up, you can simple chat them up and in minutes
your need will be attended to.

I think they are actually the first TELCO to
have  customer care services on WhatsApp. And some of the issues to be attend to
on MTN WhatsApp includes Education
on products & services, Customer complaints, Inquiries among others.

The following are the 5 (five) MTN Dedicated WhatsApp Number
to add:

» 09033000001

» 09033000002

» 09033000003

» 09033000004

» 09033000005

This is a good move but we need lay more emphasis on MTN giving us cheaper data
plan. This is my number one complain.
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14 thoughts on “You Can Now Reach MTN Customer Care Via WhatsApp”

    • You never see anything, Come to YP group Na there you go see one idiot way go the chat them say, them give im friends 990gb and some 1tb buh them manage give am 40gb and no airtime that they should sharpaly give am em own 45K. The idiot been so dumb that he's not aware that the 7.5gb tweak code was not geniun. Na the idiot make them wipe the mb and airtime I accumulated.

  1. Good morning,
    MTN is really crazy about data.
    YomiProf made a post on VisaFone bb plan that gives about 1 terabyte a month. What do you think would happen to that VisaFone since mtn is now in possession of it?


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