New WhatsApp Update, WhatsApp+v1.93 & RebornV1.80 – A Must Have

Sooner than we think, Whatsapp material design finally
arrives on playstore and just some couples of hours ago, an update was release Version
fixes some of the last remnants of Holo in WhatsApp, materializing the
calling interface, changing the default wallpaper to a nicer one, cleaning up
the search bar UI, and removing those pesky Gingerbread icons that were
forgotten under the More menu in a chat’s overflow options.

But WhatsApp team seems to have removed the Google Driveback up option that was added to the previous updates. If they can bring this
back, it will be nice. 
You can get the updated WhatsApp here
WhatsApp Plus & Reborn User

There is also an updates for WhatsApp Plus to  v1.93 & Reborn v1.80 and I bet you
are going to love these updates. If you want to know what whatsApp feel like,
then try WhatsApp Plus or Reborn.
Key Features of Whats App Plus

Basically it is a customizable WhatsApp where you can change lots of colors,
sizes, and many other things.
addition you can increase upload media limit (stock limit is 16Mb) to send large
music files or videos.
You can increase quality of pictures sent (by default resolution is decreased
quite a lot)
==>AD FREE :
No adds as per original WhatsApp
You can share music just with one click.
: You can select the part you want to copy from text rather copying whole
text and send it to people in your contact.
You can directly watch status in the chat screen from WhatsApp Plus v1.93
You can hide contact profile pictures and show phonebook pictures (in chat
Built-in theme viewer and downloader. Check WhatsApp+ users themes online and
apply theme if you like.
Updates of New Version: 1.93
==>Hide Last Seen MOD

==>Blue Tick Hide MOD

==>Double Tick Hide MOD

==>Hide typing.. MOD

==>Change Icon

==>Action Bar color changing

==>Navigation bar color changing (Lollipop

==>Status Bar color changing (Lollipop

==>Fastest Moded Whatsapp

==>AntiBan Code Added

==>WhatsApp base 2.12.5 (Play Store)

==>FAB Added

==>Change chat balloon colors.

==>Set a pattern lock on WhatsApp

How Can I Install It?

1.       First
Download WhatsApp plus v1.93 or Reborn v1.80 APK file and save it in your
PC or Phone.
2.       Take
the Backup of your chats and broadcast lists.
3.       Delete
or Uninstall the WhatsApp which is already available in your Device.
4.       Open
the APK file and install the same in your Android smartphone.
5.       Now
follow the screen instruction. Accept the installation with the “Accept”
6.       Congratulation,
now you successfully installed the WhatsApp PLUS v1.93 or Reborn v1.80 in
your device.
7.       Now
Restore the Backup to get all chats and broadcast list back.
8.       Enjoy
WhatsApp Plus & Reborn.
Where Can I Download it?

Download WhatsApp Plus V1.90 here
Download Reborn V1.80 here
If its now WhatsApp+, it can’t be like WhatsApp
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33 thoughts on “New WhatsApp Update, WhatsApp+v1.93 & RebornV1.80 – A Must Have”

  1. My Prof. Pardon me posting in the wrong thread, I have downloaded the light manager, led light lite, led notification. Still not working with my Infinix Hot. Please help me. How to enable led notification on my Infinix Hot pls. Thanks my Prof.

    • Hello fred,
      Unfortunately infinix hot didn't come with any led light and Led Manager didn't work with it. It means no led light will work with it.

  2. Oga prof, Gearbest was introduce to me by you, Pls how does it work coz i see free shipping there. Do they deliver to door step in Nigeria like konga, is it truly free shipping meaning i dont pay more than the actual price, and lastly do we pay on delivery or how does the payment work.

    • Gearbest will sheep to your address… They are not Konga, they are international body and they sheep to Nigeria. You don't pay on delivery, you pay before they ship to your location.

      You can read more review about gear best from those who has used it here

  3. Yomi prof please help I bought a Samsung s6 edge on Ebay and I inserted my mtn sim in it. I sent the key word samsung to 131 and they said am not eligible.

    • Are you sure it's S6 Edge? Cos I can see three different type of s6 edge. Try etisalat. Put your eti line inside ur samsung s6 and send Data to 8186. If its same s6, you'll be given 1.5GB

  4. Please mr yomi,am a ghanian, my problem is that airtel blackberry subscription here d *complete* is unlimited on blackberry phones, so i change my phone imei to blackberry and the imei change wen i check it out,den i subscribe on my airtel, the problem is that the stuff is not working on my android.please help me out

  5. Prof, I have tried all means to install this whatsapp + or the reborn. But after loading and loading it reply that App. Not Installed. App with same certificate is already installed.

    • Do this to install

      How to install:
      1. Make sure your Phone is Rooted
      2. Download Root explorer
      ==>Back up your Whatsapp Chat history
      3. Download the Whatsapp+
      5. Delete your official whatsapp
      6. Install your root explorer then goto root»vendor»operator»app
      7. Locate and delete the whatsapp again.
      8. Search for your Whatsapp+ and move it to the folder where you deleted the official Whatsapp
      9. Install and enjoy.

  6. oga yomi, goodevening… erm, im having difficulties changing imei on popkat custom rom for my gionee p4. this may not be the right thread for it and i do apologize but please if there is a solution kindly help me. thanks.

  7. Prof, I have tried all means to install this whatsapp + or the reborn on my INFINIX HOT. But after loading and loading it reply that App. Not Installed. App with same certificate is already installed. what do I do please?

    • Hello Femi,
      If you have access to blackberry fone check airtel blackberry apn setting. Its not thesame with that of Naija. Just check for the normal BlackBerry apn and use it on ur android…

      If U try try it and it doesn't work, it means that package won't work for Android phone.


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