How to Fund Your Swisscoin Account Using Bitcoin Wallet

First of all, you need to get a free bitcoin ewallet if you
don’t already have,  go to or follow this guide here in signing up.

>>Secondly, you need to buy bitcoin from any of the
listed trusted  sellers,, or
Before you buy your bitcoin, it is important you convert the
bitcoin to euro equivalent before you pay. Go to google and type euro to dollar 
>>Enter the amount of euro pack you want to buy and
google will give you the dollar equivalent (Don’t forget to add the compulsory 25 euro charges to activate your account if you are funding for the first time)
>>Copy the dollar equivalent and go to any of the
trusted sellers listed above, 
>>Check the one with the cheapest conversion rate and
multiply it with the amount of dollar equivalent google gave you above. E.g 100
euro pack will give you $112.26 
>>Goldrush sells 1btc for N525, multiply it by $112.26
(525×112.26 = N58.936)
They will fund your bitcoin ewallet once you send your money.
Once you’ve confirmed that your bitcoin ewallet has been funded, you can then
proceed to the next step
>>Go to
and login with your credentials
>>click on Shop and add any of the pack to cart, check
and choose bitcoin as your option of funding
>>You’ll see Swisscoin bitcoin wallet address as
indicated below
>>Login to your bitcoin wallet and and click on the send option as seen below
>>Send your bitcoin payments to swisscoin  address above from your bitcoin wallet
>>You’ll receive an instant notification that your
transaction is successful.
What Next?
Send a mail to [email protected]
supplying the following information’s;
1.Your BitCoin address from where you send the payment
2. Your user’s name
and the surname which is deposited in “My Data”
3. And the amount you have sent.
4. The transaction number and the time you sent the money

How Can I Get My BitCoin Address After Sending to Swisscoin?
>>Go to your bitcoin wallet
>>Click on transaction as seen in the image below to view your blockchain transaction

 >>It will take you to another page on blockchain where you’ll see your Bitcoin address and Transaction ID

Once they receive your mail, they’ll cross check and fund
your ewallet within 24hours accordingly. 
If you have any further question with reference to bitcoin
payment, mail [email protected]
Hope this is helpful?
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  1. Off post though, can bitcoin be refunded on if the wallet address used was wrong? A friend mistakenly used his wallet id as his address when payin in tru web nd. It was successful bt he gave d wrong info on whr his money wld b deposited into. Nw he does even see his investment wen he clicks on my investment. Any solution 2 dis?

  2. i need to have a one on one talk with you mr yomi… i dont know if u mind emailing me ur personal whatsapp number promise not to share it with no one please its urgent and serious matter. thank you

  3. I'm very interested in this stuff buh i don't understand it at all. Already opened a bitcoin account with,bub i don't even know wat to do next. Its confusing, please help me.

    • Once you have a bitcoin Wallet, the next step is to fund your wallet. You can get bitcoin from Naira4dollar or from someone you know. Contact me on whatsapp 08069380516 for details


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