Fastest Finger – Shoki

This is for  the fastest finger… there are two network, MTN and Etisalat. Its left for you to figure it out.

9897 07143484 938

4372 82517131702

0958 6283 1721035

2180 95649154274

762538404804 504

37835341 25204684

013936211490 2518

0223 5260 2391 6512

Indicate if you load any one. More is coming

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26 thoughts on “Fastest Finger – Shoki”

  1. I guess I don't usually get lucky on dis… Prof is der a way I can throttle/limit my Internet speed?? I wan to reduce my download speed to something like 99kbps or 100kbps below pls

  2. Nice one prof. Abeg ehn, if which Nigerian based web hosting company will you recommend for me. And how much bandwidth and web space will i need for a blog that receives like 20k Pv per day. Thanks


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