Diary of The Cheapest Data Subscribtion With Unlimited Downloading in February ’16

This I know looks more or less like the chronicles of the cheapest internet browsing for the month of February so I’m not going to make too much noise on this, hence I’ll go straight to the point.

If you’re a blogger, internet surfers, companies or just an ordinary internet user, there is a plan that suite you that is why you need to keep this Diary with you for the month of February 2016.

First of all,

Suitable Data Plan For All Bloggers & Heavy Downloaders

Yomiprof.com decided categorize this so that you won’t just waste your time reading everything. For every blogger and heavy downloaders, you need an unlimited plan for the months.

For those who have Spectranet, Smile and Swift Network in your location (Spectranet Abuja Only). There is an unlimited plan for you. When I mean unlimited, you can download 20 Terabytes daily without any fear of getting exhausted.

If you are online 24/7 days, you are a die hard streamer and movie downloaders, then this plan is suitable for you.

How Can I Get it and How Much?

It goes for N5,000 and it will last you for 30 days; Just request for it from the comment box with your mail, I’ll get through to you.


Glo 12GB

This plan has been ON for quite sometime now and I’m sure you are all aware of it. But there is a little changes which is not too favorable, it only works on rooted mtk devices. If your device is not an mtk device, and you are not rooted, it won’t work.

To get it, drop your mail and I’ll send it across to you.

Normal Internet Users Data Suitable Data Plan

Yes! Those of you using MTN BIS on Android with Simple Android Server, SAS has been upgraded to V4.0 with free VPN. But there is something interesting about it. The SAS Premium has been cracked meaning you can now use Premium version for free without any ads or speed throttling. It was cracked by a loyal yomiprof.net fan Miniano Gidafi (Kudos to him).

Where Can I Download SAS Cracked Premium Version?

Download it here

Use normal SAS Configuration or this

==>Create New APN settings On Your Phone As Follows..


Port: 8080

APN: Web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net

Save And Activate it, set ss your default settings.

Go to simple server and configure the settings:
==>Proxy host:
==>Proxy Port: 8080
==>Injection Method: get
==>Injection querry/url: http://web.blackberry.com

==>Injection Host: web.blackberry.com
==>Injection line: press your enter key 4 times
==>Log level: debug

Close the settings and click the connect button.

To Subscribe For MTN BBLITED use this code here

Note that MTN BIS is capped at 5GB both for daily, weekly or monthly (if you are lucky, you can use more than that)

Psiphone Settings For MTN BIS
Those of you who enjoy using Psiphone with MTN BiS, see the guide here

Etisalat Magic IP
Those of you still using Etisalat chatpak or Socialpac, with N0.0 there is a new working magic IP for you

Glo 6GB For N1,500
I’ll recommend this plan to those who often download during weekend bases. You can activate Glo 6GB For Just N1,500

This is how,
So I first of all subscribed for Glo 3GB for N1,000 on my device and then activated the Glo weekend plan of N500 for 3GB by dialing *777# and then follow the prompt…

The weekend plan was activated the moment I connected to the net.

You cannot use the two plan at thesame time. What I did was to pulse my Blackberry subscription by changing my apn to glosecure. Immediate the plan was activated and the speed is completely out of this world.

It works on BB10, All MTK devices and for PC users who can connect through their Android Phone. However, the 3GB for N500 works on all mobile and PC devices without any limitation.

For All iOS Users
On Glo platform, this plan I’ll recommend…

If you are just a normal user, go for Glo 1,000 for 1.5GB. If that won’t be enough for you, I’ll recommend you go for Glo N2,000 for 3GB and it will last you for just 30 days.

Best Weekend Data Plans
The first on yomiprof.net list is;

Airtel N100 for 1GB which can be accumulated. It doesn’t zapp it is sweet and I keep loving the plan every day. I download a comple season movie 23 Episode with 1.5GB over the weekend.
To sub for this plan, dial *474*1#. to check for your bal, dial *140#

Glo N500 For 3GB
This is equally cheap but you’ll only enjoy it if the you have a good network reception in your location.

To Sub, dial *777# and follow the prompt.

Etisalat weekend plan is nothing to write home about hence, I’ll intelligently ignore it. Of what use is 1GB for N500 when I can get 1GB for N100?

This is just my Diary, yomiprof.net of the cheapest internet Subscription for February 2016. Have a question for me use the comment box and ask your question.

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148 thoughts on “Diary of The Cheapest Data Subscribtion With Unlimited Downloading in February ’16”

  1. Prof I order redmi note 3 cover from gearbest and it has been shipped out over 20 days now with order number W1601011627051100. Will I get a call from post office coz the Order is less than 5 dollars

  2. I rooted my Xiaomi redmi 2 and changed imei to blackberry imei with xposed imei changer but the glo 3gb for 1,000 is not working with apn blackberry.net. Please call anyone help me out?

    • use another Valid blackberry imei and not the one generated from mobile app. Use the one generated from system. And also verify that you changed your imei by dialing *#06#

  3. please am interested in the Glo 12GB.
    my mail [email protected]
    I have been having problem with my glo BlackBerry sub on my Android phone. it has been on edge for more than a week now. I have switch off/on my phone, still same 'E'. I don't know what else to do.

    • Priderock, first of all, make sure you confirm that the sim slot you inserted the sim has 3G network, not all phones comes with dual 3G reception on both sim, secondly check to know whether you switched on 3G network on that device! If one and two didnt fix your problem, make sure you confirm #G reception in that region by inserting another Glo sim into the device, if this still didnt solve the problem… go ahead and call the glo cc centre, to get this fixed!

  4. God bless you prof. Please Smile 4G is now in Benin. Please how do i get the unlimited subscription for it. Send me ur number or add me on whatsapp lets talk.07065880367. Thanks, Francis from Benin.

  5. Hello Yomi pls, the glo 1gb for#100 is it only on weekends or we can subscribe on it ordinary day?
    2, d glo 3gb for 1000 how can I use it on my tab pls? Cos av try it once before its doesn't work on my android pls help me out on any better 1 , I love downloadeding online 2/4 7 pls help ur sis!

    • Hello Mariam,
      Glo 1.5GB For N1,000 is not for only weekend but for All day and all night. It will last you for 30days.

      The Glo 3GB For N1,000, what kind of Tab are you using?

  6. Good evening Yomi,thanks for d reply' am using glo 1.5gb for 1k but is not enough even with d data booster not enof' pls help me on wat next ' I don't know all dose tweaking stuff or rooted infact I seriously need help' I subscribe 5days ago I only av 200 mg left now' am using itel Tab and BlackBerry curve 7' someone told me to buy d curve 7 bcos I can share d data on BB wit my tab through hotspot but is not doing since I bought d curve 7 ' its just useless, pls help me!

  7. Prof, good day and thanks for you everyday blessing you share on here. You are an amazing person. Please am using the Smile unlimited, it's absolutely good. have just been unable to use Utorrent , is there any special configuration for it as have tried using it with or without changing proxy to and port 8080. Please enlighten me.. thanks

  8. am currently on the spectranet 20GB for N8500 and still have 20BG due to rollover, Yomi can you confirm if this cheats still works with Spectranet unlimited, cos i don't have any issue paying the N5000 for unlimited download and use the remaining N3500 for snacks when downloading.
    my email is [email protected], let us relate


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