Why Is My SmartPhone Usually Hot? Here’s The Fix

Have ever imagine why a lot of Smartphones are usually
hot this days? Atimes without use, your battery will just be discharging without
you even using the phone. Its is absolutely abnormal for you to be making calls
and your Android devices is burning your ears.

What even baffles me the most is for the facts that some
Android devices, while charging it, it will be discharging by itself instead of
displaying charging. Even the normal infinix hot isn’t that hot like that
The question is, how hot is too hot?

If your iPhone, Blackberry or Android is hot and not cold or
warm then its abnormal.
Why Is My Smartphone Usually Hot And How To Fix it?
==>Too Many Application Running: One of the major reasons
why your devices is usually hot is when too many application are running at the
background without your knowledge. 
To see illegal apps running on android without your
permission, go to settings>>>Click on Apps>>>Swipe to the
left until you see “Running”. You’ll see all the apps running, check the ones
you are not currently using, Click on it and hit the Stop or Force stop button.
For iOS users

Double tap the home button to bring up the multi-tasking
view, then swipe up on the screenshot of the app you want to exit.
==>Too Heavy Loads For Too Long A Time: So many people love
gaming, playing music, stream movies etc at the same time. Its important you
know that all these things makes your devices to overheat. Better option,
Uninstall application you know you don’t use or need.
==>If your Network is Set to 3.5G or 4G: When your
devices is set to 3G/4G or H+ consumes a lot of battery and it actually makes your
phone overheat. It is advisable you set it to Edge, then whenever you want to
access the internet, set it to H+.
==>Bad Battery: Some of us actually don’t know this ,but
the truth is if your battery is bad, it will make your phone to be
unnecessarily hot.
==>Put it in Airplane Mode When its Not in Use.
This tips is not only applicable to Android alone but to all
smartphone. Remember, its not advisable to keep pressing your phone while it is
charging, instead, it will discharge even though your device is not related to
infinix hot.
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