Good News to Infinix Hot Note Users – Infinix Releases Beta Lollipop Rom For Hot Note

18hours ago, Infinix mobility started rolling out the beta Lollipop update for Infinix Hot Note users as promised earlier. The update
comes with Android Lollipop with a brand new UI that Infinix call XUI

The update brings new features and some improvement to the Infinix Hote Note
The new software comes with a refreshed user interface called XUI Beta, below is the full feature

1. Optimized UI display, XUI first beta release,
2. Added font management, theme management, online wallpaper function,
3. Added ultra power save function,
4. Added clear application function,
5. Video player added,

 6. Optimized system performace,
7. Fixed issues,
8. Support OTA upgrade from 0730
Before You Upgrade Your Hot Note to
Lollipop Via OTA
==>If you are upgrading via OTA
update, first of all Backup  your device if its rooted
==> Unroot your device
==>Restore to factory setting (not
too compulsory)
==>finally update your device.

Where Can I Download The Rom?
Download The Hot Note Lollipop Rom here or from Infinixmobility
How to Upgrade Infinix Hot Note to Lollipop Through SP Flash Tool

Requirements before proceeding.

1. Vcom port driver==>Click here to download
3. Latest Sp flash tool==>Download here
4. A pc with healthy usb port and your infinix usb cable and
full charge.
5. Obviously the infinix phone which should have a 90%
6. Back up your files and contacts
1. Extract the downloaded vcom driver.
2. Go to device manager>click action>click add legacy
3. Under welcome to add new hardware click next
4. Select advanced option and click next
5. Select ‘show all devices’ and click next.
6. Click have disk
7. Browse to your vcom extracted folder and select the
driver setup up file and click    
open, then ok.
8. Select Mediatek preloader usb vcom driver and click next.

1. Make sure phone has about 90% charge as well as your pc.
2. Enable usb debugging under settings>developer options
3. Connect to Pc…ignore any driver failure warnings.

1. Navigate to the sp flash tool folder
2. Run the sp flash tool.exe as admin
3. Click on scatter loading. Navigate to the infinix rom
folder and select the scatter file.
4. Click on download. Restart your phone using the power
button and wait. The phone
will be upgraded on booting-Make sure you don’t tamper with
usb at this point.
5. The final result after about 5-10 min should be like this
if all went well.
6. After that confirmation close flash tool. Disconnect
phone and switch it on.
It will take some minutes before the setup is complete.



Users already on the first Lollipop
software will receive an OTA update  in 2days time… so if you’ve receive
the OTA upgrade notification or you have upgraded to the new UI, kindly let us
know via the comment section.
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85 thoughts on “Good News to Infinix Hot Note Users – Infinix Releases Beta Lollipop Rom For Hot Note”

  1. I am a regular reader (but not a commentator) on your blog Yomi, but I couldn't help myself. Infinix has decided to kill both Innjoo and techno with this move. If they stay steady rolling out updates, they will corner the Nigerian "Geekmarket". How are you doing bruv? More grease to your elbows

    • @Sharrpguy, I doubt that techno will allow infinix just come from no where to upstart it. Besides how many Nigerians are even bothered by OTAs and lollipop? All they want is a phone to use.

  2. Can one use an external download manager for mega cos the inbuilt manager in the mega app doesn't support resuming downloads….almost downloaded the stuff then a call came in and it started afresh

  3. Prof Yomi.. I have downloaded it and when I was flashing it, it keeps telling me (can't open the zip file. (bad)..
    What do I do??

  4. Pls help me o,i flash semaphor kernel to my samsaung galaxy s and nw its no more booting…stops at samsung logo,hlp pls.

  5. Prof Yomi.. I have downloaded it and when I was flashing it, it keeps telling me (can't open the zip file. (bad)..
    What do I do??

  6. Prof Yomi please help us put up a thread on how to download through MEGA cos my IDM is already expired… Or try uploading ur own rom for us to easily download

    • You don't need any extra tutorial on how to download from Mega, its as simple as abc… by the way why did you decided to use free idm trial when you can download IDM Patch and use it free for life.

      Download Patch here

      Kindly follow installation guide.

  7. Pls Prof my IDM is not automatically downloading from MEGA site but it download from other sites.. What do I do? I have tried my best to fix it..

  8. I flashed the new lollipop rom, then I tried an ota update on the phone,after downloading it I clicked install but it says unfortunately system update has stopped, please what do I do?

    • I still don't understand you… If you flashed this latest lollipop rom for infinix hot note, you shouldn't even see or flashed an OTA update again… My question is, what Android version are you running now? or what is the state of your device.

    • Power off your phone and then press power button + volume up button to see if it will boot into recovery… if it does, you'll know if it install or not cos you'll see advance features

  9. Prof do u have any other link I can use to download the file other than MEGA… pls I have tried my best to use IDM but not downloading..

    • HeLlo,
      To make it easier for you, go to that mega file upload, you'll see three option dir, to download with mega Downloader, or to d cloud or to download with your own browser.

      Just choose download with your own browser and your download will begin

  10. Oga mi ve flashed dis rom by using SP flash tool, n its really nyc, pls hw can i root d lollipop version nw cos av tried numerous rooting apps, both wit n without pc n its not working pls kindly put me tru

  11. Yomi pls help us sir we need another link to download the lollipop rom bcos am trying to use my phone to download it bt is nt working sir pls help with a better way to download it pls

  12. Prof… I tried flashing wit cwm recovery…. Its stops…. Installation aborted…….. Must i use a system to upgrade ? I cant upgrade from my ota update any more… I unrooted and restored back to stock recovery and even formated…. I tried updating and i get bad zip file four time i tried and i bricked my phone four good times….. Need ur help i wish i can do this wit cwm as i am sure my phone is safe with that

  13. Okkk……. And i wanna no… I alraedy used usb vcom driver and spflash too in recovering my bricked phone four times…. If i hv to upgrade must i go tru this process again or will d one i already use in restoring my bricked phone stil detect my phone if i want todo this upgrade ?

  14. Prof pls can you help us upload the rom to datahost, where we can easily download it..cos some of us can't download from Mega.

  15. EHHhhhh Yomi, i followed the protocols you listed up there about flash tools, i reboot the phone for updates after running the flashtools as a n admin,
    to my surprise. since then my phone refuse to boot nor on not even any sign of booting……………… somebody pls help

    • Hello friend, sorry about what just happened to your device. It's either your obstruct the process of during the upgrade or your USB got disconnected during the upgrade. This what normally happened if the upgrade process isn't complete or obstructed.

      You need to take it to CarlCare centre closest to you and it will be fix.

  16. after following your rules using flash tools, i reboot my phone, oly for me to see PMT changed for the ROM, it must be downloaded.
    pls help me out here bro

  17. Downloading from infinixmobility and the one under flash tool option; are they of the same version?
    Because I downloaded the first one from infinixmobility and it's the one I used for the flash tool, so I'm not getting message that the PMT has been changed for the ROM
    Is there any possible way?
    And also I installed miui v6 some months back before I later go back to stock ROM and since then the boot image which is has refused to disappear pls is Der any way I can bypass that???
    Quick response will be appreciated

    • Hello for u to remove the image, u have to download comfort from this site and flash it then the will disappear… Then u can now flash back to your stock rom….

  18. Hi Prof., I read your blog every day and it's been very helpful. I bricked my hot note trying to upgrade to lollipop. Plus how can I meet you to help me with the update bcos I don't want to brick my phone a 2nd time. NB it's rooted.

  19. Hi, Mr. Yomi. I have Infinix hot note 16+2 with build number X551-G808-B1-KK-28A-GMS-20150709….when i want to download the official lollipop rom, the build number i get is X551-G808-A1-L– and i noticed that A1 is for 16+1 while BC is for 32+2. now m confused about the rom i should download and if my phone is either the Hot Note or the Pro. please help me clerify my doubts.

  20. Hi, i downloaded the mega from playstore nd ts 10mb cud not extract anytyn on it from the pc, buh on my browser here saw a file of about 700mb is that wat m supposd to download

  21. I'm hia Prof…
    I tried using Sp flash tool the latest version on their website..
    I didn't know how to use the SP FLASH UPGRADE that you posted…


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