Attention to All INFINIX Users – Must Read

This is an updates to all Infinix users, I learnt Infinix
just roll out an updates and any attempt to upgrade your  Infinix will result to a brick. I’ve had three
persons contacted me this morning that’s why I had to inform other Infinix  users via this medium.

How can Infinix release an updates that  keeps bricking people devices? I still don’t
understand because this mistake is too expensive a joke. They should better look
into it before all ignorant Infinix users device will be bricked. Android is
too sensitive to release anyhow updates.
Meanwhile, don’t forget to always make back up of your
Android device incase if your device get funny or bricked, you can easily
restore your back up.

Note: Should incase you see the updates notifications, make sure you unroot your device, if its been rooted before you go ahead with the upgrades to 5.0 Lollipop. With that, your infinix device won’t be bricked!

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68 thoughts on “Attention to All INFINIX Users – Must Read”

  1. Yomi, I just wanna use this medium to let you know that MTK Phones now run Cynogenmod 12 efficiently, and its Elephone P6000, you can check YouTube. What I think now is that our Gurus and Developers can use this to create a new ROM for other MTK Phones.God bless

  2. hello , please I'm an Infinix user. how can I avoid my infinix hot not to get bricked and what are those thinx I should do and should not….i need someone to advice me pls……thank you.

  3. I have upgraded my infinix hot note twice since they have been releasing updates. It has not been bricked. Infinix is trying.

  4. Make sure your phone is not rooted or some modification has been made before upgrading, else you are good to go. Still rocking Popkat V2 custom ROM on my Infinix Hot.

  5. yomi i contacted you earlier of the infinix update error,am glad to tell you that it has been fixed and i would say one major cause is that i rooted my phone before trying the update.I am now running lolipop 5.0 with a custom rom someone posted online.And thanks for the reply you gave me in the morning it kind of cooled my mind a little cause i thought my phone was gone

    • Back up of what? CWM recovery back up or just normal files and media back up? if its cwm recovery back up please visit here
      And if its normal back up, use Mobile uncle to back up

  6. How do you people get all these custom ROMS and please oga Yomi, shed more light on this upgrade stuff because I have not got anymore upgrades since I installed the last one on my infinix hot note. Pls add me to the whatsapp group 07057412764

  7. Pls prof ..i had installed cwmon My hot note n after readin gree that i shud unroot to install updates..did unroot buh d updates doesn't install.. s t because ofd cwm? How do i do t

  8. Na wa o…all you talking about upgrades of infinix hot note to lollipop. I still have not got the updates on my unrooted phone. The last one I installed was last week. I am always connected. Or is it because I am using MTN? But I tried it with WiFi and it's still showing latest version. Pls oga Yomi, shed more light on this lollipop updates on infinix hot note. Thanks. Pls add me to whatsapp group. 07057412764

    • To back up your data, download mobile uncle from playstore, run and install it and you'll see the option of back up… choose it and back it up in your SD card

  9. Pls yomi prof I can't find my files and apps that are stored or installed on my infinix hot on the home screen but it shows they are installed on the App manager what should I do to recover them

  10. Prof please I've rooted my innjoo note with king root but can't change my imei… The reply I get is not allowed for build user.. Please help

  11. Please I need help I actually received a notification to update my device but I didn't have enough data then, now I'm trying to update but it's telling me "you have a downloading task". Please what do I do

    • Hello femi,
      Please use google sync for all ur data back up. Its available on your android device and more secured.

      Head to Settings > Accounts (tap Google) > Select Google account > check everything you want to sync. This is one of the most powerful tools for the important stuff

    • You should have SU on your device since you are rooted. Click on SU and scroll down to fully unroot your device.

      If you can't find SU on ur device, go to playstore and download Universal unroot to fully unroot ur device.

  12. Infinix Zero X506.
    it wont boot. when i on it, it just comes to a screen with the android robot lying down and a danger sign on top of it.
    here, there are several options like,

    reboot system now
    power off
    apply update from adb
    apply update from sdcard
    apply update from sdcard2
    apply update from cache
    wipe data/factory reset
    wipe cache partion
    backup user data
    restore user data.

    i av tried to reboot but it comes back to this screen. this started when i downloaded and installed an update from infinix. I downloaded and installment the up date. Phone us room and I didn’t unroot before update. Pls copy response to [email protected], [email protected], (07031883277, 07039224298) whatsapp. I don't hv working phone nw, so I might be able to receive response on any of these. Thanks Yomi.

  13. I'm using infinix hot not x551 and I want to upgrade my phone to d latest version. My phone is rooted. Can I successfully do dat by uprooting d phone, restore factory settings den upgrade without my phone being bricked?


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