Reminder – Etisalat Unlimited Internet Surfing Still Blazing

I don’t want to bore you with so too
many talk this November, but just to remind you that Etisalat Chat pack is
still blazing with Psiphone, Openvpn and tweakware vpn. Those of you that are
using it already know yourselves. 

Psiphone is download very fast, if it get slow disconnect
and change to or and reconnect
again its working wella..
Psiphon is the best on phone while Xt181 works so well on PC
Psiphone Set up

See here for the set up. I’m just going to drop the fastest
working IP below
Tweakware VPN Set UP With Etisalat Chatpak

For tweakware set up, please check here
OpenVPN Settings
With Etisalat Social Pak

Recommended Etisalat Plan
*200*3*3*1*2*1# valid
for 7days and its cost N150 (Average speed, but good for browsing)
*200*3*3*2*2*1# valid
for 7days and its cost N300 (High speed. Good for downloading and streaming)
*200*3*3*1*2*1# valid
for 1month and its cost N500 (Average speed, but good for browsing)
Note: If you are on a particular plan before.
Deactivate it, before you dial any of the above codes by dial *343*5*0#

OpenVPN Connect Configurations
1. Open Play Store on your phone and Search for OpenVPN Connect
2. Download this current working OpenVPN Profile Settings here
by Fetty to your memory card.
3. Open your OpenVPN Connect, click on Options or Menu, you will see Import,
click on Import, then Import Profile from SD card
4. Locate the OpenServerUploadBy_fetty.ovpn that you downloaded and
Select it

OpenVPN Connection Details
This is the latest working username and password
Username: vpnbook
Password: ChakU3ub

After you input the username and password, click on Save, then tap Connect. Keep surfing until you’ve downloaded the internet.

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33 thoughts on “Reminder – Etisalat Unlimited Internet Surfing Still Blazing”

  1. Ulquiorra Krain
    Plz yomiprof can I also use this openvpn to browse unlimitedly on Mon via android and if so plz how can I set it up

  2. hi yomi prof, can this etisalat 150 naira social me plan also work the code is *343*6*10#. that is the code i used but it is not working for me. please it seems operamini servers have blocked access to your blog. on my phone, it could not open until i used proxy address. Thanks

  3. Professor yomi do I have to conect simpleserver with with d psiphone and subscribe for etisalat chat pack bfore it will work cos main is not working. i only use d psiphone without simpleserver dose it work like dat

  4. Yomi, please i am trying to use the second socialpak code but it tells me operation failed, is the any other manual way of subscribing for the social pak which is more fit for downloading

    • Try any of the below
      New Etisalat Unlimited Smart paks Subscription Codes
      1. CHAT PAK DAILY: Dial *200*3*4*1*1*1# @ N50
      2. CHAT PAK WEEKLY: Dial *200*3*4*1*2*1# @ N150
      3. SOCIAL ME DAILY: Dial *200*3*4*2*1*1# @ N100
      4. SOCIAL ME WEEKLY: Dial *200*3*4*2*2*1# @ N300

  5. Thank you yomi, one more question, i used your code but after using the social pak for some minute with xt181, it stopped working. I also tried with simple server for etisalat, do you know of the solution? I appreciate your help so far


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