BBM Coming To Window Phones By July

This is no joke at all. Android and iOS won’t be alone in
this as RIM is warming up to launch BBM for Window Phones. I know BBM is no
longer a new things but Window Phone users seems to be sidelined all this while
but their book just got dropped on Rim desk. According to what the CEO of RIM
said, that come

July BBM will be Live on Window Phones.

So if you are already thinking of selling your window
mobile, relax and take a deep breath because it’s gonna take a new turn the few
weeks from now.
However, those using Android seems to be facing some little
bug with their BBM most especially if they eventually upgrade it to another.
Instead of it to successfully upgrade, it will just be rolling and rolling
until it’s no longer rosy. But there is a simple solution for it.
BBM Not Loading on Your Android? Try This Solution
==>Uninstall it completely
==>Then download a lower version and install it on your
device. That’s it and your are done.
Mind you, don’t ever be tempted of upgrading your BBM if
your don’t trust your device. Or are your still facing a problem or challenge
with your BBM, Post it here.
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  1. Hi, pls reupload the kitkat for samsung s3, it keeps saying not found. Also which network's modem is d easiest to unlock right now


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