Is this how we are going to Bury ntel network?

Is this how we are going to bury ntel just like mtel? Mtel died a long time ago and ntel was revived a few years ago, and now its somehow or maybe about to or have already gone into oblivion.

Subscribers are complaining bitterly, site has been down for exactly one month and now all we see is we are under maintenance, coming soon.


I’m beginning to think maybe the cheap data Wawu (N1000 for 12GB has come to an end), and thus affecting their system. Subscribers have recharged their lines but just couldn’t get their desired package.

Their twitter handle is so dormant, full with lots of depressive complaints and the question is, have they gone into oblivion like Zoto?

Those of you using ntel like R&Bmusic, have you been able to find a way around it?

What is the way forward?

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36 thoughts on “Is this how we are going to Bury ntel network?”

  1. I only pity those that have money on their lines but can’t subscribe. I’ll advice dem to start using it to make calls if possible

  2. it’s very shocking, I still don’t know how ntel fail in every aspect…from not covering every necessary part and so on they should just go

  3. I Rep the grandmasters of data, with GLO oga sim na me be the oga and all my enemy go fall yakata..

    so with GLO yakata and oga sim I gat no worry

  4. The way forward is for their subscribers to abandon their sim. End of story.. When Ntel is ready to release a statement they will do it.

  5. They are a big disappointment…. My money is still stuck in their account. Visited their Ikeja office yesterday for them to help in Activation and it was Story for the gods till now.

  6. Prof, i believe you should really find out things for urself before updating us. The only issue ntel has is the selfcare portal is down. Every other thing is fine. I do my recharge via quickteller and get credited instantly. Thereafter, i call the customer service for WAWU activation which is done instantly too. They hardly reply on social media nor reply emails which is true about them. Here in Ayobo, Ipaja area, the network is extremely fast and so far, it’s the best network we have in this area

  7. only used dia sim for couple of months and stoped
    i guess mtn, glo and airtel village people that is chasing 9mobile is after them…
    but i wish them quick recovery…they shouldnt go like zoto.

  8. Am still using ntel but the speed is not as
    4g. but it’s ok. I begged them on Facebook to convert my 2500 to wawu data and they did. U can still recharge through quickteller and then ask them to convert it. If u are lucky they will answer you on time because so many people are complaining and requesting too.

  9. In my own opinion, i really like what’s going on at the moment with people having issues to recharge and subscribing. It gives room for people like us who can hustle our way through to subscribe and enjoy the network because with so many people out of Ntel, the speed has increased tremendously…

  10. I don’t even know what you people are saying.. Just like adewale said Ntel still has the best browsing network believe me I know am a very well informed tech person..

    The self portal is down finish. You can use quick teller buy your Credit.. then call customer care instantly your data comes up… I went to their office today I paid instantly I was credited. The main issue is the wawu, and in their office the help out in collection of wawu activation and do it batch by batch

    Am not saying its perfect but which network do you think would give yours such network at that rate

    They may not be perfect but trust me they are not that bad.. I don’t even know people that are saying ntel is slow.. I have never used ntel in any where slow.. In abuja Even maraba Abuja nassawara it even get there

    I have no business with ntel so i cant side with them but its cool to be realist With time they would improve so Prof at least try and do a personal investigation before you actually believe people.. What adewale said its the God honest truth and some Nigerians they know that its so hard to actually get responds through email and social networks why can’t they just call customer service and have Patience every time I did that i t was just perfect so the complaining shouldn’t be too much. To run stuffs like this isn’t easy they not as big yet. Encourage them and let’s try to make anything from Nigerian get better because with our mouth we end up spoiling things..

    One thing with we Nigerians we can never commend things.

  11. You’re wrong on this Prof…
    I recently recharge using the (thou you might try it severely before you get a success message)…after success with recharging your line, send them an email or contact them using their official Facebook page to activate your preferred plan for you

    This message was posted with Ntel

  12. Precious, let the wailers continue to wail and cry about Ntel dieing off, and we that believe in them continue to enjoy them. I have about 85gb of data which i use anytime and it never disappoints. Recharge via quickteller and give them a call for free on 400 using a volte enabled device to request for WAWU activation. Simple! I don’t see how that has become a problem for some people


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