Ntel Network is now Terrible, Subscribers are Complaining – What do we do?

Ntel network has not just been bad for weeks but going into months and subscribers are bitterly complaining about it. To open a page is now a prayer request; if you successfully open a page, it becomes a testimony.

Ntel took to their social handle yesterday to wish our beloved Muslim brothers  “happy Eid-el-Kabir”, and subscribers went on to unleash their anger.

According to some subscribers,

Ntel network is not just bad but terrible. I visited one of their outlet and even their staffs are browsing with MTN network which shows that something is definitely wrong somewhere.

However ntel claim they are upgrading their network and they are aware of the challenge everybody is facing on the network.

“It is just for a while; we shall soon complete some of the upgrade. Hopefully before the end of the month, all issues with the network would have been sorted out.

No major issue, except to revamp the network so that we can serve the customers better.

We also learnt that some of their staffs and management have resigned from the firm. Ntel claim they are not like the big operators…

You know that we are not like the big operators, which when something happened to their networks, you will not feel it. We are just growing and gradually for that matter.

Ntel currently have the cheapest data subscription in Nigeria, with N1000, you will get 12GB of data and 24GB with just N2000. But of what use is data when you can’t even use it to surf the net?

Those of you using ntel in your area, how is the network speed?


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28 thoughts on “Ntel Network is now Terrible, Subscribers are Complaining – What do we do?”

  1. …they should simply look for alternative

    Prof any solution to hanging phone which also say some app are not responding #tecnoK7 is the phone

  2. Ntel needs prayer oooo, cos its not funny at all.Haven’t been able to Open their page to subscribe for 3weeks now and I already paid. The stupid customer care line, no one is picking and they don’t reply mails.

  3. Prof it’s not even the speed, for over 2months I couldn’t sub for data.. Reached out to them on twitter, mail on numerous occasions, same old story they keep telling me..

    It was pointless so I just abandon the SIM

  4. well, at least they acknowledge that something is wrong and they’re actively working on it. Glo will just ghost their subscribers and act as if all is rosy

  5. Unfortunately we don’t have ntel network in my area and thank God for choices. To those using ntel, why not ditch it for the main time just like we did to Glo sometime ago

    • Lol.. Seriously even though I don’t use their network I do feel the pain of their subscribers, Nothing is as painful as making a complaint over poor service and no one deem it fit to respond.. May God help Ntel..

  6. Ntel network is blazing really fast here in Abuja. Only problem now is to access the self care portal and subscribe to their packages. It is what I am using to send this post right now.

  7. Ntel is blazing in my area in Ipaja, Lagos. Surfing the net and downloading is a breeze. The only challenge is the selfcare portal they are working on which means no one could recharge let alone subscribe. I am lucky i had money in my account so i only cald them to activate the 3k for 48GB data plan for me which i am using presently.

  8. I used only 28gig out if my 58gigs b4 their bad network, till I received expired message. I still have 2500 credit in my sim but no way to subscribe. But on Facebook they sent me other links where I can subscribe other packages, except wawu. But what I really want to subscribe is wawu.

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