Tweak This & Get Free 250MB From MTN

I’m pretty sure your day is
moving so well, and while some are working, some are reading, some are texting
and some are thinking of tweaking… tweak it but don’t cheat them.

Here is another MTN Imei that
will give you 250MB atleast to those who don’t really have much MB left. It
will go a long way in saving you out of data. Kudos to the guy that sent this
to me.

How Can I Get Free 250MB?

==>Tweak this IMEI
868988012059407 and generate your own changing the last 3 digits

==>After tweaking, send mifi
to 131 and 250MB will be given to you.

You can’t do this thing more than
once on a sim… to do more, you need more sims.

Are you new to tweaking? Clickhere to see how to tweak

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40 thoughts on “Tweak This & Get Free 250MB From MTN”

  1. Can be done on a sim that has done Nokia 250 and prof how is airtel 2gig 20gig done cause today in class my course mate bought a sim with 20gig from A guy

  2. Tweak this and get 20GB Free Airtel
    or 86987800071
    or 86987800068

    Send 3G to 141

    The more you tweak it the more you get more GB. You can get 40GB on one Airtel Sim, don't dull yourself guys, its rocking real good.

    • If you get a message like that, it means someone else has gotten that imei, so tweak it again until you recieve your own 250mb.

  3. Oga Prof, kindly post the airtel IMEI in a longer format, all the IMEI i generated form the one you posted are not eligible, kindly please post 1 full iMEI, we can go from there.
    Thanks for the MTN iemei , i got some MB from thank
    Thanks onec again


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