WhatsApp Introduces its own Emoji set

We’ve seen lots of update rolled out to WhatsApp in the past
few months and now, another update has been rolled out to WhatsApp beta which
will soon be available to all normal WhatsApp users. WhatsApp latest update brings
its own emoji set.

Prior to that, WhatsApp has always used iOS’ emoji designs
and fonts in all of its apps. Whether you’re on iOS, Android, Windows Mobile,
Blackberry, Symbian, or desktop, you would see the same emojis independent of
your device’s built-in emojis.
WhatsApp has finally break the shackles and now have its
very own emoji. Though the emoji looks very much like iOS and Android Ore emojis.
The eyes and mouths of the smileys are one of the differences. The animal emoji
are all facing different direction. The update is available for its latest
Android beta v2.17.364.
Below are some of the before and after emoji
Another addition is the support for Emoji 5.0, the latest
version approved by Unicode and it includes fantasy emojis. 
This is a cool move
by WhatsApp couple with the facts that lots of updates has been rolling out
which includes picture-in-picture video calling available to those on Android
8.0 oreo, text-only-status, and currently work in progress Verified Business Account.
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