Beware of MMM Federal Republic of Nigeria

Hello guys, and Happy new months to you all… Well to those
of you actively involve in MMM, SEC have something important for you..

SEC on its website, said, “The attention of SEC, Nigeria has
been drawn to the activities of an online investment scheme tagged ‘MMM Federal
Republic of Nigeria (nigeria.). The platform has embarked on an aggressive
online media campaign to lure the investing public to participate in what it
called ‘mutual aid financial network’ with a monthly investment return of 30
per cent.

“The commission hereby notifies the investing public that the operation of this
investment scheme has no tangible business model hence it’s a Ponzi Scheme,
where returns are paid from other people’s invested sum. Also, its operation is
not registered by the Commission.”

SEC, therefore, advised the general public to distance themselves from the
online scheme, adding, “Please note that anyone that subscribes to this illegal
activity does so at their own risk.”

I know most of you may still not agree with the above but
please apply common sense… Don’t invest all your money in MMM. I know that even
common sense is not common.
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30 thoughts on “Beware of MMM Federal Republic of Nigeria”

  1. Mr yomi though this location is wrong but i need your help on my adsense account, i once used the youtube trick to get adsense and lately i misplaced the number i used for the gmail account, it was later disapproved and up until now i've not been able to either remove or reapply for another one, please what can i do.

  2. Yess oo I prefer to work for and earn my money.. This MMM thing has gone viral now. Untill dem go run with their money before pple eyes go neat

  3. U people ar here talkin trash while MMM participants are smiling to d bank… MMM dnt hold ur moni,no central acct,Sergei mavrodi dnt take ur moni.participants pay each other…….if u wanna Kno more,ping me…08069816160

    • Alfred and Olaitan, how much have you withdrawn from MMM since when you started? The truth is, when it crash, alot you will die of heart-attack.

  4. If they say MMM is a Scam, no qualms but…. Ask them,

    When Nepa over bills/gives estimated bills…it is not a scam.

    When DSTV still charges you for not using ur subscription due to no NEPA light….it is not a scam

    When filling stations adjust pump and sell at 160 per liter in disguise…it is not a scam

    When bank deduct several money/charges from your account for nothing…it is not a scam

    When politicians loot national treasury without probe while our infrastructures gets dilapidated, no jobs for the youth, no money to pay workers salaries….. This too no be scam stall

    What about the fake Immigrations recruitment that claimed lots of innocent lives….that one sef no be scam Abi?

    Police recruitments that requires only N10,000 men yet they charged 1,000 for form that over 100,000 youths bought….. More like scam to me.


    The same Punch Newspaper/ media houses used to advertise sport betting, baba ijebu and national lottery and gambling and yet, thats not a scam!!!!

    When they claim to be fighting terrorism and send soldiers without enough ammunitions to die but share arms money amongst themselves while chibok girls are been used as sex slaves…. Dem no see scam for these ones too.

    Only because MMM is bringing ordinary people worldwide together to help one another financially freely and get rewarded 30% for it….. Na big scam for them….

    Nigerians, shine your eyes oooo! Tell me which one be scam abeg.

    I just wanna make Mavro Sense. Happy New Month Mavrodians!!!!

    • My brother all this one ms you mention above are big scam but the funny thing is that I did not loose a penny on any of them, fine they stole our money but the one in my pocket is safe and elders always say bird at hand is better than the one still flying around.
      The previous (So gun dogoji ) cast away almost one million naira from me,
      Front there have learn my lesson.
      I don't expect people to hear the good warning, but when things turn around you will be the one preaching the gospel,

  5. They give you 30% Right, time will come when you will give them back 100% of 30% you have corrected from them.
    They are not father Christmas.


    Is MMM really a scam? 

    Is it a scam to have a system that brings a community of people together that financially help one another, willfully, without being forced? 

    Is it a scam to have a system that creates a platform for individuals to combat poverty at its core? 
    We always say fighting poverty is a collective effort; Now instead of people stealing, cheating or robbing they join their hands in good heart to provide financially help to one another, is that scamming really? 

    Is it a scam to see families that couldn't afford to bring food on the table now able because of the financial help they have received from other nembers?

    Is it a scam to see students who couldn't afford to have pocket money and monthly allowances in tertiary institutions now able to afford because of MMM? 

    Is it a scam to see entrepreneurs rising from the capital money raised through MMM and in return they contribute to the economic growth of this country and create employment to thousands? 

    I will tell you what a scam is? 

    ?A real scam is to hinder people to their financial freedom yet encourage them to keep borrowing from your system so that they work for you and pay the rest of their lives if they live that long… 

    ?A real scam is to have someone work 40 years of his/her life and after retirement that person must take the fruit of his/her years of hard labour and pay the debts and bonds that refused to end because of ever increasing interest rates. 

    ?A scam is when your bank sends you an sms alert to inform you that you have earned #0. 50 on your money, and later charge you #4. 00 on the sms alert. Your bank also charges you exorbitantly every month on something you know nothing about ; and there's nothing you can do other than to keep quiet because you have no choice. 

    ?A scam is when your mobile network provider charges you on the service you never make a request for (caller tunes, news updates, etc) 

    ?Working for a government and being paid the same salary as when 1 Dollar was N165 till now is a scam. 

    ?Working for government for years without promotion is a scam. 

    ?Working for so long and just getting a sack letter or retiring broke and in debt is a scam. 

    ?Serving your country for one year and crying to get a job is a scam. 

    ?Not being paid salaries for 5 months or more is a SCAM. 

    ?Not being able to transfer your job to your children is a SCAM. 

    ?Spending 6 years in Primary school, 6 years in Secondary School, 4, 5, 6 years in Higher Institution, 1 year Internship (for some) 1year of NYSC and at the end you still roam about looking for non-existing job is the REAL Scam. 

    Meanwhile someone somewhere is enjoying financial freedom, making millions, driving brand new cars etc all in joining MMM without submitting CV, NYSC discharge Certificate etc….and people still say it's a scam? 

    Is it therefore a scam to have a system that produces people that can afford to buy a house they could have paid for 20 years in cash had such a system not been introduced? 

    Is MMM a scam? You can make your own judgment as to who a real scammer is. 

    Please share this message everywhere, the world needs to hear it. 

    *Together We Change Nigeria*

  7. I really need to ask those who attack MMM this Questions….

    Who has the government helped?
    Who has bank helped?
    Who has SEC helped?
    Who has thes politicians helped?
    Even our Nigerian forces, have they helped anyone?
    I guess the obvious answer is NO

    Back then in 2009 when Bitcoin was introduced, the government and SEC warned us that its a scam, we should not invest out money in it but today 1 bitcoin is close to $600 if not more than, you can check the equivalent in Naira.

    Thank God for the young man that invested just $27 as at then. After like 4, 5 years, bitcoin increased in value and the financial status of the young man change.

    Government and SEC deprived you of diving into the wealth from bitcoin, is that fair?
    Banks will be like, your money is safe with us, and my question is, is our money really safe? They use our money (because without u and I, nothing like bank) to give loans to companies and make huge interest, if they are giving me 5% monthly, I won’t be shouting instead they charge me for using my money for business.

    Billing you unnecessary charges and the worse part of it is that you can’t talk, even if you do, who will hear you? Bank will send you a credit alert or interest alert of #0.50k and charge #4 for the sms. And you said that one is not a legalized scam (you are wicked).

    Politicians will be like vote for us, when you vote for us, we will do this do that. Your vote counts. Liars, the worst scams ever seen are the politicians, deceivers. The less privilege are the ones languishing in poverty but you are there living in luxuries, you denied us from going to the best schools because of the high fees but your children are in the best school outside the country. And you think you are not a scam?

    You are deceiving yourself.
    School will be like read your book and make sure you pass very well so that you can get a good job, where is the job? 6Years in primary, 6yrs secondary school that is if you didn’t repeat any class then 4 yrs in tertiary institution as the case may be plus another 1yr of youth service and after all these years no job to be found and you said that is not a scam?

    You subscribe to DSTV, after you might have paid your NEPA bill of which you only get light in the middle of the night around 1am -5am, tell me who want to use the light? And DSTV management could not even pause the operation for you since you are not using the service, that is non of their business and at the end of the month, NEPA will still come with an estimated bill of which you can’t shout, if you do, they will cut your wire and assume you did nothing to it for a month, you still pay for that month despite you didn’t use light and when you want to reconnect, you will pay reconnection fee. is that not a scam?

    If I should continue disclosing all their scams, facebook won’t be enough to accommodate it.
    We have been in this slavery long enough, we can’t take it any more. It is obvious they do not want the average man to live the better life that we suppose to.

    MMM has come to stay and not SEC nor Government can stop it
    They said MMM is a scam, yes we know
    is a ponzi scheme, yes we are aware of that
    is a fraud, yeeeessss we know about that also
    Ah, the founder is a thief, yes we read about that, we even read that he was jailed, and so what?
    MMM is too risky (Abeg shut up that dirty mouth)
    I’ve been taking risk since I was born, living in Nigeria (where there is no security, if its not boko haram today, it will be fulani herdsmen or some stupid avengers and their kinsmen kidnappers etc) is the greatest risk one can take and if i have been living in it for more than 40yrs with the risk attached, I tell you the truth, i can overcome any risk.
    We are risk takers
    We are scammers
    We are ponzians
    We are Mavrodian
    We are MMM
    We love who we are.

    SEC, who you don epp?
    Make una face wetin dey face una for this country and leave us alone. You can only steal my money, you can’t teach me how to spend my money.
    A word is enough for the wise.

    Long live MMM. IRepSustainability of MMM…

  8. How does MMM generate 30% to pay participants?

    This is a question that can never stop being asked. I have tried explaining this severally BUT its like "magic" to so many. I understand everyone's fears that's why I will break it all down further mathematically below.

    Let's say,

    100 donations came in from 100 participants @2,000naira each = 200,000naira

    In order for the 100 donations to be paid their 30%, that means 60,000naira extra donations must come in.

    The BIG QUESTION is then how?

    Here it is:-
    The 60,000naira wld come in through:-

    (1.) Regular GH and re-PH from the 100 donations done by the participants.

    Here is d maths:-
    50 participants GH all their earnings + Principal donation = 130,000naira.

    Total left over PH balance = 70,000naira

    The remaining 50 then needs 60,000naira to get their own 130,000naira paid too.

    The first 50 paid 130,000naira total then re-PH back their 100,000naira (maybe keeping back their total profit of 30,000naira)

    That then adds up to the 70,000naira available to pay the 50 participants left (130,000naira).

    ++ So, the cycle continues on and on for as long as the principle of Regular GH and re-PH remains!!! +++

    This is just d same Principle Banks work with. That is why it is possible for just a deposit to serve 10 – 20 withdrawals.

    And they pay you little interests for using your money to keep the redistribution process going!!

    Don't come and do "Hit and Run" – The one u GH'ed and ran away with will soon finish and u will have to start all over again when coming back!! Why not just relax and earn for a longer period.

    So whether new donations comes in OR not, the process of providing and getting help can continue for as long as all participants knows the whole process depends on their actions or inactions!!!


    (2.) New donations coming in through participants referring others to the community. This keeps the system consistently growing!! Every business (offline/online) needs new sales to survive..

    Yes – MMM provides NO Guarantee and we all donate ONLY our "Spare Money"

    BUT sincerely it can go on for as long as we all want since we all make the Community what it is!!

    Always remember that in MMM there is

    ++ No Company Account!! Mavrodi can't wake up one day and ghost off with the money since we are not paying to his account.

    ++ You bank account/bitcoin wallet is MMM's account.

    MMM's strength is the IDEOLOGY above that I broke down mathematically!!!

    We are the Community!!

    Together We Change The World..

    Long live mmmm if u have a plan u'll benefits with mmmm but……

    • I like your theory but trust me, many of the accounts given to people to make payments are actually from the companies workers, so it doesn't really matter if you don't pay all the money into a private account directly. These ghost accounts won't be remitting any money back to others hence they make cool,clean cash and no one can trace it.

      The founder of the scheme is very smart and Nigeria is a perfect place for this kind of business but sooner or later, there won't be money to go round again and after sending money to help others, you won't get it back from others, so just apply sense and back out once you still have your money in your account.

  9. As far the law of PHing and GHing keeps going MMM stand strong. Sec just want money. This is not an organisation, not run by board of trustees who wants to run with the money? Let Sec mind their biz collect 900k in 3mnths thanks to MMM. Were was sec when all my shares went down the drain. Flour mill, japaul, access bank. Mtwcheeeee

  10. People should stop being ignorant. This scheme works like a Pyramid. The more referred investors in MMM, the lower the chances of it closing. It works just like a regular commercial bank. But you need to understand why the government calls it fraud. It's called fraud because of it's anonymity to the government, it evades tax charges and thereby giving you the full benefit of Inflation which is at 1% increase daily summing up to 30% interest monthly. "Whatever the government cannot tax is illegal. Just like my dear Marijuana, Cocaine,ammunition sales and other goods that can't be taxed.

    MMM will only shut down when the there is fear amongst investors/participants and they start to GH all their money. Then maybe the website might shut down for a while then come back up.
    This scheme is found almost everywhere around the world. So don't be scared folks or you might just lose your dou. People have made millions in profits already so what's stopping you!!?. Omo participate before Buhari's tenure kills us all with hunger Bros.

    • I fully agreed with your point bro. whatever evade tax charges by the government is a fraud. I represent the sustainability of MMM.

      MMM has been feeding my family for the past 3 months after I lost my banking Job. I read today online again that Zenith bank has slashed down their workers salaries by 30% which is bad…

      Join MMM Now! If MMM crash, I'll crash with it.

  11. Nigerians Nigerians Nigerians…. Ignorance and hardish iis our problem. Nigerians will do anything for quick money. We never see when a wolf is leading us into a trap. I will say congrats to people who have made money from MMM. When i heard of this MMM and how people had made money from it, i was exicted and wanted to invest with the little i had. Something struck me to research on the company which i did. One question that came into my mind was how do they make their money and how do they generate the interest they place on people's money because they said they do not carry out transaction and do business with people's money as our conventional banks do. What i found out shocked me. I know 95% of human beings do not like to heard the truth and they always believe what they see. My findings are as follows;

    1) its a ponzi scheme.
    2)The company CEO is a fraudster who has a criminal record on fraud and money laundering in his home country Russian.

    After my research, i found out somethings which the white skinned people has always bested us at and that is PATIENCE. a whitw man can wait up to 50 years if that is the time his target will be met. This company has a target and it will keep looking genuine and giving people returns so as to draw more customers and crowd until it reaches its target.

    Another of my findings was that;
    This MMM preys on countries who have money but whose economy is in really bad shape (nigerian as an example)

    I will say congrats to those who are making it off mmm but please be careful so as not to get eaten by the big bad wolf when it eventually strikes.

  12. what is going to crash? Yomi i didn't expect this from you at all MMM has change life of Thousands. How many of our youths are roaming the streets with files and even the ones without qualifications., well i dont need to talk much but am going to give you a link of youtube to watch then call me or whats app me to get details on 08030636710.

  13. I've made over 3 million from MMM and I started with just 20k. MMM is real its changing lives don't follow aht sec is saying and die in proverty join MMM and experiencing what am experiencing right now. You can call me or WhatsApp me I'll explain MMM to you better. 09050143758. From Manager Moses.

  14. Buy where is the 30% coming from everyday month, what are the investment MMM into ?
    I only need explanation for better understanding

  15. Na so so dance I dey dance anytime I hear people call MMM SCAM.
    Started with 12k buh today, am PHing in Millions.


    Let's get rich before they wake up.
    @my fellow mavrodians


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