Why is Everyone Quiet About ntel or Are You Disappointed?

is everyone quiet about ntel sim or services again? Are you disappointed or what?
Barely one week after ntel, Nigerian 5th mobile network commences
their services; I’m yet to see any physical human with the supposed sim card or
using their services. They announced their data services but forgot the aspect
of availability of their sim chip.

been to their Facebook page and it appears they are not even answering their
customers on where to get their sim card from. No matter how you walk around
the street of Lagos, you won’t see ntel sim to buy. Even those who reserved
their numbers ahead of time are not able to get their sim.
ntel do on their FB page is to redirect you to an empty website telling you
about how they started, CEO words, fair usage policy and stories that touch…
yet no provision for where or how to get your reserved number.
question is, are these guys ready for business? Or are they merely a ghost 4G
network? I’m pretty sure even their social media representative haven’t seen
ntel sim card before talk more of handling it.
of you who have gotten your sim chips, how and where did you get it?
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20 thoughts on “Why is Everyone Quiet About ntel or Are You Disappointed?”

  1. Lol. Yes even their Facebook page is just empty. They don't even reply anyone. Like they don't have serious admin. To me, I think they are still preparing and creating awarenes. Or maybe there's problem.

  2. @Prosper. Story indeed! I'm sure even the insider hasn't seen the sim card talk less of holding it. No matter how secured they wanna secure it, this is Nigeria, what need to be hacked will be hacked.

  3. They have launched…but the sim is not yet in the market…you have to reserve your number to get your a sim. Once that phase is completed, the testing phase will begin…first 100,000 user get to use their data free of charge for 3 months (Unlimited access). You can reserve your number, just visit their website and click on "reserve number".


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