Ntel 4GLTE Goes Live Today – See Ntel 4G Speed Test Here

Lagosians are you ready to welcome 4G LTE to your city?
Well, as reported last week, ntel  SIM
cards  sale will go live today in Lag, and I’ll still be waiting to get my own ntel SIM. Here is just a leak info as reported by mobilityarena on ntel 4G speed
test by a user @ba55ey on twitter. And this
surely confirm that ntel, as claimed to offer the most advanced
4G network in Africa. Other network 4G you’ve 
seen so far are merely child play compared to this speed test. Have a
look below;

Now you’ll value your 4G smartphone or ignore your 3G smartphone. This is the real life 4G LTE and  I can’t wait to test run it. How about you?

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26 thoughts on “Ntel 4GLTE Goes Live Today – See Ntel 4G Speed Test Here”

  1. As long as there is no stable electicity,lets stop lying to ourselves,there is no 4G LTE network provider in nigeria,all na 3G.

    4G LTE miminum speed is about 12mb,while naija smile na 1mb,2mb,spectranet..2mb,1mb,Etisalat 2mb,
    so tell me why NTEl go be 55MB,abi na free
    its a way to draw customers to defruad dem

    dia price go be
    2 GIG………20K


    • I won't say anything now until I see it, confirm it and approve it. But point of correction, Light as nothing to do with 4G LTE network.

  2. Oshey my brother, have been saying this anytime prof post anything on 4G LTE, i can boldly say it anytime any where, WE DONT HAVE REAL 4G LTE here in Nigeria, all they are giving us is still in 3G range, but most us dont know though people like u and me understand better, and i believe more people are now being informed through this kind of forum.
    Back to NTEL, if there without any customer and they are getting 55MB per sec, if they have 1000 customer, what will happen to the speed, and if the customer number now increase to 1 million, in a simple maths i will leave the answer to those who who sabi book ( maths and further maths ) lol

    • Point of correction, 3g network is different from 4g network. U people are saying this things because maybe ur phone has no 4g network. If ur phone has 4g network then go to ur phone settings go to phone network and switch ur phone to 4g. U will notice that ur network will disappear like when u are in flight mood. There will be no network coverage in phone because the sim u are using is a 4g network. So the point am making is that sim card of 3g network that has no 4g cannot work when u switch ur phone to 4g network. If ntel is not actually a 4g network according to u, then it will not work when u switch ur phone to 4g network . And also, 4g sim will not work on 3g phone.

    • TNx RanB. Dont mind them. Why not test it first before you start complaining that its 3G network. So many Thomases on this blog

  3. @ R and B , maybe bcos the name sound 4G LTE and when ever u select 4G only on your phone the network is gone, that's why u don't understand my point, I say all the speed all this LTE service provider is giving us is still the same speed we have experience before on 3G, maybe all the we should all drop the speed we are getting on all our so called 4G LTE NETWORK to compare with what we have experience with 3G, I believe 100% of us here have one or two experiment with 3G, so drop the speed u are getting from smile , swift spectranet etc maybe someone else on 3G network have not seen such speed on 3G.
    Mr R and B, I know what saying, can you or have u ever download 4gigs software it files within 1 mins before ?
    I Know non of our so called 4G LTE here in Nigeria can not even download such file within 5 mins.
    We don't need to drag on this, I still maintain my point WE DONT HAVE REAL 4G LTE NETWORK IN NIGERIA take or leave it.

    • But Except smile there's no other 4g network in Nigeria. Ntel is another 4g network that we are expecting. If ntel is not 4g then it will work with also 3g phones. That's it

    • Man stop thinking like a Nigerian lol, what make u think ntel is your messier ? Something Wey u never see or test and u are vouching for them, na wa o, and if they finally failed, which I never pray for, what will u be saying again, that's why I said don't think like a Nigerian man that can say yes in the morning and change it to NO in the night without feeling guilty.
      That's nigeria for u

  4. The first 100,000 to redeem and activate their ntel SIMs will get free on-net calls for life, while data subscribers will get 3-months unlimited data usage.”

  5. Guys Neva see nor experience the Sim in action and they are here bragging and killing themselves while smart and patient ones is already calculating where and how their loopholes will emerge.

    Thanks Bro for the info:


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