10 Amazing Christmas App For This Season

Wow… I can’t believe Christmas is just 7days to go, I can feel
the heat, I can feel the joy in the air, I can feel the sound… You need to
create the atmosphere for this season.
I’m going to quickly share with you amazing, superb and
exceptional apps that will make your Christmas worth celebrating.
10 Amazing Christmas App For Your Device
==>Talking Santa: Entertain the entire family with this
funny talking Santa that mimics whatever you say but in the HoHoHo Santa fashion. Get it here

==>Christmas Facts: How much of Christmas do you know? Increase
your knowledge of Christmas this season and wow your friends and family with
this amazing Christmas facts app. Download it here
==>Christmas Hymn: No need to be carrying Christmas hymn
again as this hymnal gives you collection of lyrics for old but gold classic
Christmas carols. Get it here
==>Christmas Story Book: Christmas Story Books is a
delightful collection of Christmas stories that will fascinate young and old
with their lively illustrations. Read stories like ‘A Christmas Carol’, ‘The
Elves and the Shoemaker’, ‘The Nutcracker’, ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’
and many more to come. Get it here
==>Christmas HD: Customize your own realistic 3D
wallpaper: you can put your own picture on the mantel with stockings and
Christmas lights adorning the fireplace, or customize a Christmas tree with
lights, garlands and gifts. Leave cookies and even a note for Santa to welcome
his arrival, be fascinated by the snow-covered landscape out of the window. Get
it here
==>Christmas Tree Wallpaper: Why not try decorating your
own Christmas tree virtual version? Choose from the many settings to decorate
your very own Christmas tree: snow, lights, quantity, speed and many other
options. Don’t wait to be told, get the app here
==>PopOut! Night Before Christmas: Those of us who love
stories, this will go a long way. This app is a  digital storybook for Android & IOS,
PopOut! The Night Before Christmas lets you explore and discover many scenes
within the story, and you can even listen to ‘O Christmas Tree’ gracefully
performed on the piano. It’s sold for $3.43 in Playstore but you can download
it for free here
==>Christmas Color Book: Parents, don’t let your kid
disturb your this season, get the Christmas color book. Entertain the young
kids with this Christmas coloring book on your Android device. There are many
templates and colors to choose from to keep them occupied for a very long time.
Get it here
==>Christmas Pho.to Frame: This app let you share Christmas
moments with family and friends through pictures but add an extra touch of the
joyful season with this wide selection of photo frames.
==>Christmas Ringtones: This is just a mix up of unique Christmas
ringtones… get it here
==>Gift Wrapping Ideas: If gift wrapping is not something
you’re good at, then this app will help give you unique ideas and techniques on
how to wrap a Christmas present creatively. Get it here

Don’t give room for any boring moment this season, its to sweet to bored… get the app and have fun.
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  2. Talking Santa would have been an extraordinary app,one that my young nephew was truly anticipating.Then again,while the graphics were extraordinary,the sound quality was horrible and exceptionally laggy.Santa Clause's voice really scared my nephew!! I didn't use a great deal on this app,yet I needed to erase it,so it was a waste of cash.Don't trouble.After all thanks for your nice list.
    ~Linda Smith.


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