Viewers Discretion: Nokia 6 Durability Test – Bend, Scratch and Burn Test

This is a rugged test of the Nokia 6 Android device. If you want to know how strong it is, how easily does it scratch or will it survive flame or even bend? then you need to see the below. However, if you are such type of individual that hate violence against smartphones please don’t watch the 4 minutes video review of Nokia 6 test below;
Viewer’s discretion is advice because the video contains graphic violence, torture scenes from beginning to the end. But it answers the questions above on how strong Nokia 6 mobile device is.
Enjoy the video.

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15 thoughts on “Viewers Discretion: Nokia 6 Durability Test – Bend, Scratch and Burn Test”

    • Adebisi,why not clear your app cache. Clear all of them and see if it fixes it. Go to settings>>apps>>clear each of the app cache but don't touch google play services and google play store. rebooth and check if it it fixes it

  1. Sorry for going of thread yomiprof I need the help, I just got a Blu Studio 7II phone and it cant pick all the Telco 3G network if I select 3G only, it only runs on 2G even when other phones work on 3G within that area, I feel there is an error when designing the network bandwith. Pls sir help me out

    • I don't know much about that but Ideally if you choose 3G only. its suppose to only display 3G except if 3G is not available in your location for that particular network.

      Like what you said, other phones works on 3G. I think the phone is malfunctioning based on the manufacturers design.


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