Recover Lost Data from Formatted Hard Drives with iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac

Formatting refers to initializing the disk on a data storage device, including an HDD, an SSD, an SD card, a USB flash drive, and more. When the disk is formatted, a new file system will be written to it, and the new disk will be empty or blank so that new data can be written to it. After formatting, you will suffer from data loss because all data stored on the disk will be lost. 

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Although data loss caused by mistaken formatting is possible, the good news is that you can rescue your lost data from formatted hard drives as long as you use the versatile data recovery software iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac to implementing Mac data recovery. Before conducting data recovery, you must know something important about formatting.

Why Do You Format Your Hard Drives?

There are different reasons for formatting a drive, and some common reasons are as follows.

1. Remove all data on your drive for some personal purpose, such as selling the drive. 

2. Want to change the file system.

3. Need to install a new operating system.

4. Repair corrupted hard drives for later use.

Why Can You Recover Lost Data from Formatted Hard Drives?

Formatting a hard drive doesn’t mean erasing the real data on it. The file info will be damaged through formatting, but the file content is still intact and stored on the drive. The data recovery software can scan the file content on the drive and rebuild the file info. As long as you don’t write new data to overwrite the original data on the hard drive, the lost data from formatted hard drives can be recovered.

After getting to know some important information about formatting, it’s time to learn about data recovery from formatted hard drives.

How to Recover Lost Data from Formatted Hard Drives with iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac?

iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac is an all-in-one data recovery program that has good compatibility. This data recovery tool supports FAT32, exFAT, APFS, HFS+, and encrypted APFS file systems. It can be compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 and later operating systems.

As a top-class data recovery program, iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac supports lost data recovery from formatted hard drives and partitions in a safe way. This formatted data recovery utility enables you to find out up to 100% of lost files and presents you with a high recovery success rate.

Step 1: Launch iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac after you have successfully downloading and installation of this tool.

Step 2: Choose the formatted drive that stored lost data.

Step 3: Check the Deep scan option to scan lost data and then click the Scan button in the bottom right corner.

Step 4:Select the wanted file after taking a look at the scanning result and click the Recover button. Please be careful not to store the recovered data on the formatted drive to avoid writing new data to overwrite the original data. 

Final Verdict

Data loss coming from mistaken formatting is troublesome, but lost data can be retrieved from your formatted hard drives by using a professional data recovery program. When you make a mistake and format the wrong hard drive, keep yourself calm down first, stop using the formatted drive at once, and then use iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac to rescue your lost data. 

Apart from recovering lost data from formatted hard drives, iBoysoft Mac data recovery software can help you with data recovery from formatted external hard drives, SD cards, USB drives, and so forth.

In addition, there may be other problems with your hard drive that cause data loss, such as hard drive not working issue, and this Mac data recovery software also provides a solution for you. To prevent data loss from happening again, it is recommended that you get into the habit of backing up data regularly and try iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac. 

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