How to Borrow Money From MTN and Pay Later Using MTN XtraCash

MTN Nigeria has added another value added services to their existing platform. You can now borrow money from MTN using MTN XtraCash services; I mean real Money just the way you borrow airtime and pay later.

MTN XtraCash is a service that allows eligible customers access short-term Micro Credit loans via a USSD platform from their mobile phones.

mtn xtracash

How to Apply for MTN XtraCash Service

Eligible customers can request for XtraCash by dialing the USSD code *606# and select XtraCash on the menu. You will then be taken to the next stage where you will then choose the option to apply for the load and thereafter know the tune of amount that you are allowed to borrow. Once your application is successful, your MTN Yello account would be credited in due time.

How Much Can I Borrow From MTN?

You can borrow N5,000 or N10,000 based on eligibility but this is applicable to only MTN customers.

How Do I Receive The Cash?

The Xtracash Loan amount would be credited into customers’ Diamond Yello Account. The MTN Xtracash loan maturity period is 30 days at an interest rate of 15%.

What if I Don’t Have Diamond Yello Account?

Well, the only eligibility is to have MTN Diamond Yello Account which you can easily open by dialing  *710#.

Now you can borrow data from MTN using xtrabyte, borrow airtime using xtratime and now borrow money.

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32 thoughts on “How to Borrow Money From MTN and Pay Later Using MTN XtraCash”

  1. Hmmm, this really isn’t bad. I mean, the interest rate isn’t even that bad either. Mtn’s diversification in Nigeria is commendable, really commendable!

  2. Na wa ooo. Ain’t dey scared of being roped … Mtn has something planned for dem to initiate these extra cash ish. The interest rate go high

  3. The slave is a borrower to the lender. 15% is way too much. I wouldn’t advise anyone to play into mtn’s hand. Ordinary data that you purchased with your own money, they’ll drink everything.

  4. 5k and 10 k only .plus 15% bonus, and wont it require going to diamod bank to complete the registration? Thanks for the information ℹ️. MTN is always MTN

  5. This is good. I may consider it. People complaining here that the interest rate is high, have u checked out others like paylater, quickcheck, kwikcash of etisalat and the others. They charge 30% for a month’s loan. So this is quite fair.


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