Google Launches Free Wi-Fi hotspot to 10 Million Nigerians

This is one of the best news I’ve heard since this week began, Google Station.

Google launched a network of free Wi-Fi hotspots in Nigeria on Thursday, part of its effort to increase its presence in Africa’s most populous nation.

google station

The U.S. technology firm owned by Alphabet Inc has partnered with Nigerian fiber cable network provider 21st Century to provide its public Wi-Fi service, Google Station, in six places in the commercial capital Lagos, including the city’s airport.

In other words, Google will make available free Wi-Fi facilities in about 200 sites in Lagos and five other states in Nigeria between now and 2019.

10 million Nigerians, including Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are expected to benefit immensely from this project. The other states are Kaduna; Port Harcourt (Rivers state); Ibadan (Oyo state); Enugu and Abuja.

Google Station is a service that allows Google partners to roll out Wi-Fi hotspots in public places by providing software and advice on hardware to turn fibre connections into Wi-Fi.

According to Google Vice President  Anjali Joshi said Google was doing this because the Internet has the potential to completely transform Africa… “We are rolling out the service in Lagos today but the plan is to quickly expand to other locations,”

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18 thoughts on “Google Launches Free Wi-Fi hotspot to 10 Million Nigerians”

  1. I appreciate this move by Google, especially the fact that Ibadan is listed amongst the states to benefit from it.

  2. Very good development. But I wondered who are using all this free hotspot because I hardly see it. I remember I only used Facebook free hotspot once. And I can’t even see it again.


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