Could This be the First Ever Smartphone to Sport 10GB of Ram?

Could this be the first ever smartphone to come with 10GB of RAM memory?

This is coming from an unconfirmed source that OPPO is working on OPPO R17… just few months after releasing OPPO R15 and R15 Pro.


According to the Chinese leakster, that the handset will have up to 10GB of RAM. No any other details about the handset but from the picture shared by the same leakster, OPPO has started to tease the R17.

Note: This is not yet confirmed, but if it happens that the device will be coming with 10GB RAM, then this will be the first ever smartphone to sport such a huge amount of memory.


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26 thoughts on “Could This be the First Ever Smartphone to Sport 10GB of Ram?”

  1. Such a device will be a killer, just imagine the speed and multi-tasking ability. Chinese OEM are taking over the world. Prof today is my birthday can I get some wishes from my fellow bv.

  2. Smart phone concept getting crazier by the day. With such amount of RAM, it will be a smooth ride for users who like multitasking

  3. Hmmm that’s great. I knw someday they will definitely increase to 7 8,9 and 10 ram. But some Chinese companies are too fast in producing anything. 10 ram is good enough to take anything but if everything about the phone is also high.

  4. They should just kukuma make it a gaming phone or better still, a crypto mining phone cause 10GB of RAM will never be fully utilized by the average smartphone user.


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