Oppo Find X Fails Woefully in Latest Bend Test

Groundbreaking, eye-catching, and… structurally flawed. That latter part is not what we expected to hear about the nearly benzelless Oppo Find X smartphone unveiled a month ago, but the motorized mechanism hiding both the front and rear cameras always seemed like a risky design venture.

The phone fared well in most of Zack’s durability tests, thanks to the Gorilla Glass 5 display and aluminum frame. Unfortunately, the phone quickly broke during the classic bend test, even though most flagships come away from the same treatment relatively unscathed.

The pressure the Find X was subjected to during the bend test is similar to what other smartphones have been put through, but over 90% of them have so far been able to withstand such abuse.

And the original price for this phone is $1155 (420,000)

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17 thoughts on “Oppo Find X Fails Woefully in Latest Bend Test”

  1. Waoo what a test, seeing ZackJerry Rips the $1155 phone apart was a missed feeling. You need to see the video.. But then it fails the bend test. At $1155 it should pass any test. What do you think.The money is huge.


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