Mtn Magic Call – Call Any Network Free Of Charge

Good evening friends,  could you believe that I have been  making calls
to all  networks including Bangladesh, Uk and to India free of charge. You can call it magic Sim but I
will call it magic call.
It is just a simple tutorial that everyone should benefit
except if your sim is possess with highly classified demon. After reading this tutorial, you will bear me
witness that mtn is the best network.
Am happy today because two of my fans called me that they received
their own #10,000 bonus from

ShopKonga; not only that, but has placed an order form ShopKonga which will arrive in three days time. If you are still one of the doubting Thomas in
the house, you are on your own. But it is not too late to get your own to; to learn more about it just click here.

Don’t let me bore you with my discussions, but straight to
the point.
How Can I Make Free Calls To all Network, Home And Abroad
With My MTN Sim?
Very simple, just drop your email address here and I will
inbox you right away. I want the tweak to last long so that everyone can benefit.
Three days gone down the lane, my money has not been deducted, I have been  calling my friends abroad Free of Charge. Don’t
miss out.
Guys, my sim is hot i need to cool it down… lol!
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279 thoughts on “Mtn Magic Call – Call Any Network Free Of Charge”

    • Thanks Man for the good job weldone … I received your mail yesterday,And I did as you directed,& it worked all through the night,But as at this morning, All my calls has been charged … I was just wondering if this service selects phone, cuz it worked well on my iPhone, as i commot the sim put am for my nokia torchlite this morning,Na im Empty Hen(lolzz)begin to dey commot moi money … I go recharge moi line & put am back for my iphone..If it works,I go Tell the WHOLE House ..Thanks Baba Mi … More Blessing..

    • I have recharge moi sim & this time the sim dey inside moi iPhone & them dey cut moi money sharp sharp …Abeg come to our Aid ooooo

  1. It is working ooooooo, i just finished making call to etisalat line now for good 15min, with zero naira. Oboy ehhh

  2. This is just like magic prof, i just called an outside number now and it went with zero kobo on my mtn line. This is great bros

  3. prof, am just a coded guy but can say you're more coded than I. i greet u. please i want to know whether the MTN MAGIC SIM activation is still going? or is there any new way of doing it.

  4. It is working oooooo… Tank God i got it. I just called my sweet heart now in Los Angeles Free of charge. Tank you prof. Am afraid, mtn might stop this free ish soonest oooo..

  5. This is real man, i just activated mine now and i have already made 3 free calls to different network and my mother was not deducted. This is how it works. Since the comment is getting pretty much here and prof might be busy, lets help those who are late commers out. Just dial *408# and they will migrate you to super saver plus. That is all.
    Mind you, in the course of trying to migrate, you will see error or transaction fail but keep trying. Am afraid they might block it soon because it is already rampard on the internet. Even our 13yrs old last born has already activated his own mobile.

  6. Late commers sorry for you because you are too late, this kind of thing won't last long. it will be difficult for latecommers to activate it..

  7. here is de deal….. When u migrate with de code MTN givs u moni for free call to all network…. but mind u…. when de moni is exhausted it will stop…. its not a hack….. TANX YOMI….. God bless u……

  8. The person dat post d cheat here is a fool..the right-ful owner told u to drop ur email and u got urs den u are even posting it here again.INGRATE

  9. Prof… This magic call is still working well for me ooo, since yesterday. You are the best. I wish you can take my younger sister as an appreciation gift from me. Micheal

  10. Late commers, Just pretend as if you have recieved it. Yomi tanks it works for like 8hours for me before it finally stopped

  11. Is like dis magic sim has finally been stopped, bcos my 2sims are not workin anymore. Mine stopped on 1/7/2013 around 8pm

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