WeChat Giveaway – Get #1,000 Vouchers From Konga.com

WeChat is a new mobile chat application currently gaining
ground in the emerging world of chatting platform. It allow you to interact
with your friends, colleague as well as meeting new friends closer to your
locations. WeChat also allow you to send video messages, audio calling and
group chatting.
Konga.com is an e-commerce website which allow you to do shopping
for anything online and pay online. I was just wondering why Konga will have to
do this but believe you me, it is a new way to connect with everyone; they gave
me #1,000 vouchers to Shop online. 

How Can I Get #1,000 Vouchers To Do Shopping Online From Konga?
Download the
WeChat app at http://bit.ly/Konga_Wechat and
install (Ignore if you have this


Search and follow
ShopKonga on WeChat
Visit www.konga.com/signup and
register a Konga.com account (Ignore if you have this already)
Send the signup
email to Konga  via WeChat
Once all the above is done, they will
credit your account within 24hrs with #1,000 vouchers to chop online.
WeChat is Compatible With:
Nokia S40 and S60, Blackberry, Window Phones, and Android Phones. Iphone users should back-off.
You can equally find me with the User Id Yomiprof on weChat
lets connect.
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10 thoughts on “WeChat Giveaway – Get #1,000 Vouchers From Konga.com”

  1. My question for you mr Emeka is …..how much is glo bisday and why are we loading 500nara instead of 150 or 200. Thanks

    And how long av u been using this sim. Thank you

  2. MR Emeka, are u telling us the truth because that subscription code *127*15# does not exist and infact it is not a code for a day plan of glo so pls clear this forum with facts.

  3. @prof cool info..WeChat how to use it on ur laptop or iphone download an app Called bluestack with dis u can use any Android app on ur laptop and iphone etc…..in that app u wil get to see Android downloading store.pls i need ur feedback

  4. prof, what about dat of etisalat and airtel magic sim? are they still running? if yes, please send it to me . i have requested this not less than three times on this blog. email [email protected] Thanks alot.

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