Magic Sim Is Still Working Fine And Fast For New Commer’s

This tutorial is for the late comers in the game of MTN free browsing,  it’s for those who just want
to lash out mtn for no reason. Someone like me have been enjoying this MTN magic stuff for close to three months now, and I know some other people are also
enjoying their own.
Mind you, in the journey of MTN free browsing, #250 risk is
involved. Have had occasions where a guy subscribed for the 2H plan for four
consecutive times but it wasn’t given to him; but he never gave up until he got
his Sim activated. Recently, I received   lots of mail saying the magic sim browsing had
stopped and can no longer be activated. To clarify your doubt, four persons
activated their magic sim two days ago. 

You can still activate your own if you truly want to risk
your #250
How Can I Activate Mtn Magic Sim?
Recharge your MTN sim with #250
Send 2H to 131 or call customer care to activate
it for you
Once the 2Hrs plan is given to you, browse for
like 15min
Remove the sim and keep it for 24Hrs.
After 24Hrs, insert it into any device and
browse until MTN pack up.
You see, so simple but risky. But should in case your 250 is
being deducted without the plan giving to you; just call customer care and they
will rectify the issue for you.  Happy surfing!
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101 thoughts on “Magic Sim Is Still Working Fine And Fast For New Commer’s”

  1. lol mtn eat my moni 3 times b4 it works for me for abt 3weeks now ham on top of my world via magic sim…..yomi other network magic sim is out too when wil u update us prof

  2. Plz mine is bringin out.. You ve use 70% of your data bundle which will xpire on 30/5/2013.. Plz wat can i do..

  3. please what do you do ifyou receive message from MTN DATA that you have used 90% of your data.cos it will definitely stop.thanks

  4. plz yomi do i need any configuration settings 4 java phone or is it d nrmal default or do i create prov if yes plz i dnt knw hw 2 create it o

  5. no need of prov jxt put ur magic sim into ur phone and activate default setting…after dat browse till ur last day on earth…lol

  6. Mine Stop wen it brought out dat i have use 100% of my MTN DATA. And ve did like 3 sims nw… Plz wat can i do bcos all dis Sims re 32k bt dey are old numba

  7. Sorry this off topic, but how the hell on earth can one sign up with the ripple site.
    The 'enter code' textarea on the homepage doesnt come up with submit button and when I put the invite code it will start loading and after sometime will return the same page.
    I dont know but seems the site has alot of bug but I wonder how all of you who has succeeded got about it cuz I've been trying for close to a week now without success, I though may be it's because I'm using phone(opera mini 8, Uc web 8 & even the so called onebrowser) for the sign up but yesterday I also tried it out on my laptop(internet explorer) I got something like a raw php script thus, if I can still remember, – { success: true & your referral code=HQ… You're invited by…bla bla bla}. I was not directed to any sign up form or link. I refreshed the page and it went back to ,have you been invited page', then I put the invite code again it told me the code is invalid. I'm fed up! Someone pls help. What could the problem be and how should I get sign up. Mean while my phone model is Nokia 300.
    Your reply is most welcome. Thank you.

  8. two sim i activated is unregistered sim so it mostly work 4 unregistered sim but i dnt kwn why mine is slow nd it's nt stable in d sense dat i'll work dis min nd it'll nt work d nxt min…. Is anybody goin through my own problem

  9. Hey BOSS, shud we txt reset to any code 4 it to wrk, or just insert d sim back afta d 24hrs. I remain ur boy. SUNDAY

  10. chuks snd me ur email.phne numba n name so i can invite u again bt make sure u register with d code b4 24hrs

  11. Getting invited isn't actually the problem but signing up cuz for close to 2wks now I've being getting invitations but I've not been able to get through with the sign. It'll interest me if you can tell me how you got signed up, the phone, browser used, process u undertake and what ve you.
    All the same, here's my detail, perhaps I'll give it a trial once more:
    [email protected]
    thanx for ur concern.

  12. To ALL the mtn sim that has 90% or any percentage just finish the percentage and make it espire. Remove your sim after the confirmation from mtn that it has espire for like a day or so insert. It and it will star workig. If nt working disconnet and connet until it connet with the net. That how i activated over six sims and sold each @ #2000. Same for those who have stop working after expiry just keep it for atleast a day and start surfing.

  13. yomi what about the airtel free gb, someone sent me free 1gb yesterday just to clear my doubts by collecting just my number. pls post on how to get it

  14. Yomi pls I know dis is off topic but I recently got a galaxy S2. Am planning on using MTn BIS on it but which plan can I use for d mean time to browse on it and download d required app(that would enable BIS function)

  15. Heard etisalat magic sim is out,pls prof try and help us get the procedure coz mtn network is bad here but etisalat is strong.Thanks

  16. ITS WORKING ON EVERY SIM…BOTH DYNAMIC SIM…STARTER KIT SIM…2 IN 1 SIM…4 IN 1 SIM….but u no sabi do am be say u no sabi do am…so chill!!!…if u lyk form strong head…try do am…mtn go collect ur moni tireeee…meet odas wey sabi do am mk dem do am for u…Adele don say his mind!!

  17. Plz i nid the procedure on how to make it workz oo. Cos i ve wasted alot of money.. It just kip bringing out dat i ve use up 90% of my data plan & lata it wil stop workin again afta it reach 100%


  19. Prof Yemi, I must commend your efforts sir! God bless you biggerly
    I activated 2sim but they won't expire. One was suppose to expire for 20th n 29th but they won't. Wat do I do

    Secondly if there is anyone who wishes to sell his own within 1k should contact me. Thank you

    • I am having the same problem Prof Yomi. Please help us out OOO. My sim was supposed to expire on 29th but it didn't.

  20. Plz guys here using d magic sim. Can someone send 2 to 131 on a magic sim? And if yes wat kind of response will i get. THANKS

  21. i sent 2 to 131 nd got a msg dat it has expire,dat was wen i calld customer 4 dem 2 give me d d 2hr subscription they told me 2 send 2 to 131 2 check my data balance n i got a msg dat it has expire . In diz case plz wot must i do?

  22. please shud i go for mtn 128kb SIM before making the subscription because i ve wasted credit on this mtn magic activation….. those oda sims dat i was using are just bringing out dat i ve use 120minutes of my data and den it STOP goin again…

  23. My own sim even pings. I have never ever sent 2 to 131… Neither do I get any message from 131 telling me I've used xmins or ymins…

  24. Also my download speed is about 500kb-600kb on my 4G android phone, 350k-500kb on my 7.2 MTN huawei E173 modem… There are times it stops. I just disconnect and reconnect… When I did mine, I send 2H to 131 around 11pm when the traffic had reduced using my modem (not phone)… I got a msg instantly welcoming me. I browsed for jst 2mins… I opened only: BBC, CNN and FB… Then disconnected! Came back 24hrs later and sent 106 to 131 and reset to 131… Nothing more!!! Mind you, I had already sacrificed about N900 b4 being able to get a response from MTN 2H plan. Their customer service was not helpful. I have downloaded more than I can ever bargain for if they choose to arrest me… Lol… Kudos prof yemite n oda profs in the house!!!

    • I think you av hit the hammer on the nail

      Though I am yet to try this but ideally it was up pose to be activated with modem

      But I fear the end of magic sim activation is here cuz u will be given 150mb on subscribing to 2hrs

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  26. prof, my 2h data plan is suppose 2 expire by 5am 2day, bt I check it n dey r saying I 've used o Mb, whereas I 've so much 4m it. so wat should I do? @ everybody

    • continue browsing with it like that after the 24hours.. note use pc for better result.. if it stops after 2hour of browsing and u received a message you've used 120mins of ur time.. just kindly disconnect and connect it back. then send 106 to 131… if it then continues then it's fully activated.

  27. Please help O. i try sending 106 to 131. but i got this message. "Dear customer, your 2 hrs 1-Day Data plan is still active. You have used 0 mins of 2 hrs. Expires: 29-May-2013 21:52." Today is 31st May. When is it going to expire O ?

    • dude.. it wasn't oh.. dem just they chop our money.. after the 24 hours try to browse for 2hours if it continues after the 2hours. it's ok and working fine

  28. please after activating the magic sim don't send RESET TO 131 or you will be deactivated and thats the end of it….. happy new month

  29. Dear customer, your 2 hrs 1-Day Data plan is still active. You have used 120 mins of 2 hrs. Expires: 28-May-2013 22:42 after i got this message the browsing stoped
    pls help

  30. magic sim tweak cannot be activated for new commers for now dont waiste your hard earned money to mtn even if you keep the sim for more than weeks unused
    it will not work

    i will advice u to go for already activated ones from guys that sale in this forum or else were

    How to know activated magic sim.

    just send 2 to 131 and u will get a message that your 2hrs plan has expired without this message is not magic sim .note if ur 2hrs did not expire is not yet a magic sim.

  31. I activated mine over a month ago n it has been working fine since until yesterday wen it only connects 4few seconds b4 disconnecting…anybody experiencing dis too?

  32. Guys just relax… okay! this is just a temporary network problem. I already activated five sims and it does like that atimes but will latter resolve to normal.
    To the late commers in the world of magic sims, i just wana tell you this that it's just a game of luck. i wasted 1500 before i finally get my own configured and has been rocking ever then. I sold the sims i activated at the rate of 1900 and i really do appreciate this great inspiring tutorial from yomiprof.
    To those who are selling the Airtel gigabytes, i will solely advice you to teach others because in life, you never can tell who will be of great help to you. By helping others, you are simply calling back your destiny helpers.
    If the magic sim keeps connecting and disconnecting, just download duck-1 vpn from and that will resolve your problem.

    The Etisalat Magic sim is just a fraudulent act that bobo's are engaging in and i will sole advice you guys to chil and wait for the only prof in the house 'yomiprof' to confirm it's authenticity. I remain your boy Isaac Ezy from Lagos!

  33. please house..i can no longer activate mtn magic sim again oooo.. all i see is u ve use 0 minutes of ur data bundle dat wil xpire on 30 march 2013… And i dont want to use it, bcos if i shud start usin it 2 browse it wil start reading until it got exhausted finish. Plz wat can i do?…

  34. yomi baba i dey royal my brother…u did gud job here..thanks alot we all appreciate 4duz who no appreciate…let dem go die mehn…u dey try bro

  35. I send 2 to 131 n i was told mine 2hrs 1_day plan has expired..send 2h to 131 to buy another bla bla bla.. Wat next shuld i do plz pple help me

  36. Tnx u mean afta bein told dat my 2hrs 1-day plan has i can start browsin?? But hav bein tryin to browse all 2 no avail…do i nid 2 remuv d sim 4 anoda 24hrs or shuld i kip tryin my luck??

  37. Tnx u mean afta bein told dat my 2hrs 1-day plan has i can start browsin?? But hav bein tryin to browse all 2 no avail…do i nid 2 remuv d sim 4 anoda 24hrs or shuld i kip tryin my luck??

  38. Hav sent 106 to 131 n was told dat.. You do not hav sufficient balance to perform this operation…what next??

  39. MTN Magic Simcard has stop working, you can't activate a new one now?? you'll should just keep your fingers cross or you kiss your money goodbye… Not that it wouldn't work after you've followed the instructions mentioned above… but after like 2 to 3 days it will stop.. i myself have wasted my #7000… sometimes it connects then open a page and then disconnects.. But if yours is still working for like 1 week.. Then goodluck to you.. note it's applicable to either 32k or 128k sims.. and if you want to enrich MTN with your money you can give it a try… To all you who have activated theirs earlier.. Goodluck.

  40. wow i jst did mine monday/tuesday nite…….it sweet, fast and freeeeeee . i did not send any reset or 106 to 131 ……. i jst loaded d 250 finished d 2H tin removed the sim after 24hrs dats this morning and i started browsing freee …. dis is my first time of trying it and i jst hit d jackpot like that, am so api ……….. tnx prof

  41. yes offcus…….u cn use it 2 make call, even though u do ur sim welcome back it will still browse!!!! OK……

  42. yes boss @esoftmaster i was d one dat use it …..and i made sure i finished it after browsing i sent 2 to 131 to knw if i finished it..and dey sent a reply dat i have expired it or so, cant remember d message sha cos i deleted it….. @haysmart its still working dats wat am using to comment rite nw

    • Can do anything as far as internet connectivity is involved…Pinging,whatsapping, browsing, surfingg, downloading, uploading, streaming, broadcasting, podcasting, etc.

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