Don’t Just Seat at Home Idle – Work With Jumia

I know somebody out their need this right now. The year has
just began and it will be totally inappropriate to seat at home, eat 3 meals
without having  a job. Don’t start the
year Jobless… start the year Job-Blessed!
While you are still waiting for something big to happen to
you, you can simply take your time go through what you are about to read and
take a step ahead.

Work With Jumia!

I’m sure a lot of you never knew you can work with Jumia
even while you are still waiting for Miracle to happen to your CV. You can be a
Jumia sales consultant and earn a very big commission.
Jumia’s sales consultant program aims at empowering and
enriching entrepreneurs-to-be with the full support of an established brand.
Join with a very low entrance fee and start making money today by selling Jumia
products around you!
earn money

>>You make commissions selling items
supplied by Jumia.
>>Your efforts are rewarded: the more you work, the more you earn!
>>You also earn money for each
new sales consultant you recruit!
are your own boss
>>As an independent sales consultant, you have complete freedom and control over your activity.
>>Build your own successful business. The sky is the limit!
have fun
>>Sell and get rewarded for it.
>>Gain new
skills and develop your self-confidence.
>>Meet new people & make new
>>Attend our social events (awards, breakfasts, outings…)
You’ll be Trained
Jumia will train you even if you don’t
know how to go about it, until you become a full successful business man and
business woman.
You don’t need any experience to work
with them… You only need strong decision and motivation to move ahead! 
How Can I Join
Click here to join their work force.
Remember… Indecision is the grave where
good intentions are buried
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