9 Steps On How To Root Your Java Phones

This tutorial is specifically for Nokia java users. It will
permanently give you access to the administrative section of your java phones
and make you the boss instead. This post was originally created by techbucket.
This method of rooting will let you bypass permission
questions like “allow network access? This application is not from a
trusted supplier and some annoying questions or security prompt from java
application. It is high time we root java phones too guys instead of benching
on Android phones alone. Let get going.

How Can I Root My Java Phones
Just follow carefully the below steps on you can easily do that.
Step 1: Dial *#0000# on your phone
Step 2: After dialing it you will see something like this RM_614 or any number
Step 3: Google search for Rm_614.ppu or any number you saw and download it on your laptop (it must include .ppu extension when searching for it)
Step 4: Connect your phone to your laptop using a USB cable
Step 5: After you have connected your phone to your laptop make sure you choose
ovi suite mode
Step 6: Open phoenix service suite and run it on your laptop and click on scan
Step 7: After you have click scan, look by the side and select product profile
Step 8: After you have click it locate your Rm_614.ppu on your system
and you will see a list appear, just tick them all and where ever you see 0
change it to 1
Step 9: After you are done, with that click on enable tck and flash and your
phone will restart  and pop a warning  message saying ” WARNING
TCK FLAG SET”   don’t get panic after that pop restart your phone and
you are done
Are you confuse? Ask your question.
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  1. pls yomi, after that what then do you gain. i mean what are the benefit after that? is it also a way to browse free? pls tell us. thank you.


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