Opera Launched Free VPN For Android, Now Available For Download

Opera has finally released a free vpn services for android after
months of launching an iOS-based VPN app. The VPN is completely free. You can
choose between a number of countries including USA, Canada, Germany, Singapore,
and The Netherlands (with more countries coming soon).

application also includes a built-in ad tracking blocker, to prevent
advertising networks from tracking your behavior across websites.

Though it is completely free, but you should know that free
things sucks… Opera VPN is not a substitute for a paid VPN. They’ll display ads
and will share your data anonymously to third party about your mobile data
Where Can I Download it?
You can download it here.
Behind every free thing, is a question mark???
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12 thoughts on “Opera Launched Free VPN For Android, Now Available For Download”

    • Diss not a handler app or dis proxy server settings stuff… Dere r sites dt can blocked if ur nt from dere or ur browsing Wit Nigeria IP,d is VPN shields from being blocblocked as u can select dt country ip

  1. Yomi abeg review infinix note 3 video review for us na. Am kinda tripping for the fone! Buh don't u guys tink 54700 naira is too much for dat fone dat don't even have 4g?

  2. VPN means Virtual rivate Network. It makes your internet connection anonymous, that is to say that your real IP address will be hidden while surfing the net. It I really helpful if you don't want your online behaviour to be observed just as our Oga yomi rightly said. For more info read here. I comment from upghetto.com


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