How to Clone Etisalat PayGo Sim

I guess we are all having a nice Easter celebration… even
though some innocent animals has willingly been subjected to laying down their
lives for the sin they didn’t commit. Tamper justice with mercy oooo!
If there is any package that act like MTN Magic sim is the
Etisalat PayG because  it gives you the
super user right to download excessively without mercy on the internet. It is a
package men’t for heavy downloaders. Though Etisalat NG has long stopped the
activation of this package but if you are still on that package, you can always
keep on flexing the package until you deactivate yourself.

But I’ll show you (if you don’t already know) how to clone
any Etisalat SIM including the PayG package to another etisalat line. It is
just like you having a duplicate copy of another SIM, with same number, same
package and same everything.
So grab 8 glass of water, your electronic pen as I engage  you in this mental exercise. Don’t too worry,
because I’m a good teacher, you won’t fail this course.
How Can I Clone Etisalat PAYG or Multi Device Plan?

==>Get a new etisalat unregistered sim. Still inside the
==>On your main line or Etisalat PayG line Dial *215*PIN*1*newNumber*newPUK# for SIM 1
i.e. Dial *215*0000*1*0809XXXXXXX*12345678#
Your can do this for upto 4Sims 
Note: The
PIN of your parent SIM is required to complete the transaction, to ensure
security. Default PIN for SIMs is 0000, so, if you haven’t changed your PIN, it
will still be 0000.
==>If you are cloning more
than one number, just dial

For Sim1
Number*Sim1’s PUK Number#

For Sim2
Number*Sim2’s PUK Number#

For Sim3
Number*Sim3’s PUK Number#
For Sim4
Number*Sim1’s PUK Number#

It doesn’t attract any data
charge at all, and any sim you clone can be use on any device, just like the original
sim. So If I were you, look for someone with Etisalat PayG sim, and clone it. 

Flex this with wisdom while this
package and other package last. Until Etisalat PayG pays, you will always pay!
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74 thoughts on “How to Clone Etisalat PayGo Sim”

    • @prof pls can this trick also work for mtn my boss use to subscribe but some times his MB use to wasted so I was planning to clone his sim so I will be helping him use it pls respond as soon as possible regard…

  1. After cloning the sim, what next sir?…. What's the benefit sir ?

    And pls Yomi, is the infinix emei tweaking still working? Because the msg I keep getting is that I only received happy link bundle and 10 mb daily data which I can't even see when I dial *559*4#. Pls help me with any functional tweak right now. Thanks in advance.

  2. @health wellnes: av u tried this? is it working as you professed?

    "I love this cloning topic, it works wonder. Meaning if you clone your sim that has data, you can also and always use d clone sim on any device and d data will work well on the clone sim."

  3. I have 3 etisalat pay go sims lol. And am willing to sell one because I use one on pc and the other two for pc and phone. But am not cloning don't trust this process. So if you want to buy and you stay in benin halla 08171843958 remember am not cloning o. And my price is 8k so if you ready call me if not Abeg relax.

  4. Has anybody successfully cloned his/her sim, does this process work at all?? These are questions that requires urgent response!!! And who says they want to sell their sim for 8k, e be lyk u dey mad Abi??? Quietly keep ur sim, insert it in ur a**hole to ur grave, hopely u'l rock it in hell!!!

  5. Prof gud evening i updated my bb z10 o.s to d latest 10.3.1…after updating it whenever i try to open my bbm app it shows 'connection problem, temporary server error' since yesterday, even though am connected to the blackberry Internet service….pls what do i do?

  6. hi yomi, honestly u need to up ur game in dis blogging thing (if really u love blogging like u claim). There are so many things going on out there, but u seem to have less concern for your readers as ur updates are just once in a while, for example dis very thread. I used 2 be a keen reader of r blogs, but wen i discovered i was really missing out on stuffs, i had 2 source for other sites. Though i'm not paying u o, but just deemed it fit 2 point it 2 u.

  7. see friends ,if you clone your paygo sim for someone, yo and that person cannot browse at the same time o, or else deh fill deduct your entire money in the sim card. I cloned for someone and am regretting now

  8. I really must say, after I attempted to clone a sim which failed by the way.. My paygo plan has now stopped working.. This is really heart breaking… Pls think before u attempt it.. Just saying

  9. I really must say, after I attempted to clone a sim which failed by the way.. My paygo plan has now stopped working.. This is really heart breaking… Pls think before u attempt it.. Just saying


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