How to Root Infinix Zero Without PC With KingRoot & Change Your IMEI

I don’t know why rooting of Infinix Zero has given a lot of Infinix Zero users real headache despite the fact that rooting kits was uploaded.
Because of the persistent request of infinix zero rooting, someone suggested
the below that it works out well, not only that but it can also root some
stubborn device within seconds  so I’m
going to quickly show you how to root your infinix zero without PC. 
Kudos to Menebari Wikina who uploaded a rooting video here

How Can I Root My Infinix Zero Without PC Using KingRoot?

==> Before installing this app first
ensure that you have allowed third party installations in your device you
can check this option by your device setting. 
Go To Setting > Security >
and there you can tick the “Unknown sources” box
==>Download KingRoot here
==>Run and install it on your
device. Though its half chinese but don’t worry, I’ll only help you to learn a
bit of Chinese language.
==>After successful
installation, start the application and wait for Kingroot to fully analyze your
device. after a few seconds you will see the main window, the Chinese language
==>Click the Big Green
Circle on your device that says Root
and wait for a few minutes
(make sure you have a good internet connection).
==>After a few minutes, you should see a tick mark in a
green circle and the blue horizontal bar below the green circle,
which means that your device has been successfully rooted with the help
of Kingroot.
The king user app will be installed for super user access.
==>To verify your root priviledges, go to playstore and
download rootchecker>>>Install and run it and you should get a success
message after then.
How Can I Change Infinix Zero Imei?

Inshort, I have over talked on how to change Android imei so
you shouldn’t be lost at all. Follow this link here to change it using
Enginering mode.
Did it work out well for you?
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34 thoughts on “How to Root Infinix Zero Without PC With KingRoot & Change Your IMEI”

    • Of course YeS. You'll need to keep tweaking until the original comes out. Aferall guys have tweaked all the imei even of the android smartphone that has not been produced. To get new imei, you must put on your tweaking sure, and follow the normal procedures until you get the original.

  1. prof abeg dis normal bis wey dey work for z10 nd odas does it work on z30 nd q10 cos am abt buying either nd it wrks well on my z10

  2. Oga Prof, am Fred.. pls how can i change the imei of infinix joy pad 10 and Gionee E3.. please how do i go about it. and do i have to root any of the device? And also what are the true benefits of rooting a device?

    • First of all, to change the imei of infinix joypad you need to download Engineering mode mtk from playstore and follow the procedures highlighted in this post.

      You don't have to root any of the device before if u don't want to but you can change ur imei without rooting.

      Rooting your phone gives you ability to tweak ur device the way u want without any restrictions.

  3. prof d method u gave to root infinix hot did not work. i hv tried to download dis kingroot to c if its gonna work but it seems d link is broken. d app cant be downloaded. pks help repair it.

    • I suspect ur internet connection. The link is okay and not broken. Use another browser. I have used dat same method you said didn't work for u hot rooting to root 4 infinix hot I don't knw if your infinix is actually hot or not

  4. Prof after changing my Infinix Zero IMEI to BB and subscribing to Glo BIS for more than 24hours am still getting "Welcome! BB subscription is pending activation.please remove & insert battery after 1hour.helpdesk 333 would be available in 24hours. Thank you. Glo Unlimited". what do I do to get the subscription working?


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