Which is The Best Messaging App, WhatsApp or Telegram?

Considering the facts that we have a lots of chatting
application in which I know  but I’ll
like to base my assertion on just this two applications WhatSapp and Telegram.
Some users prefers the former to the later, while some people haven’t even
heard of Telegram before. But Telegram is one of the best messaging applications
in the world.

Do you know that?
  • Telegram allow up to 5000 members in a group while WhatsApp
    only allows 250
  • WhatsApp don´t tell you if
    contacts on your address book have joined WhatsApp for the first time.
  • Telegram notifies you the first time a user has
    activated its account.
  • Telegram has cool emoji’s and
    stickers more than WhatsApp 
  • You can make free video call and chats on Telegram but not possible on WhatsApp at the moment

File Sharing – Telegram offers up
to 1GB of uninterrupted data transfers between users. So almost any document,
media or any kind of file (PDFs and other office or common “desktop”
used formats) can be shared among Telegram. While WhatsApp only allow 16MB of
interrupted file sharing.

Secret Chat – You can securely pass a sensitive
information on telegram with self-destruct timer while you can’t do that on
-On-device support
WhatsApp lacks of on-device support. They
“outsource” support to your mobile carrier.
Telegram has an on-device support chat (go to
Settings — Ask a question) where developers answer any question or enquiry (not
on a real time basis, but useful).
-Unwanted “default”

WhatsApp has a default status message: “Hey
there! I am using WhatsApp.”
Telegram has nothing by default.
WhatsApp is susceptible to hacks and attacks. And their security measures are just
no match for Telegram.

The makers of Telegram are so confident about its
security that they offer a $200,000 prize to anyone who can break into MTProto,
the backbone of Telegram platform.

Where Can I Download Telegram?
For Android users, download it
iPhone/iPad download here
Windows user download here
PC users, download here
I guess Java users are not reading
this right now?
Now that you know, why are you not
using Telegram Messaging app? Or do you think WhatsApp is the better than Telegram?
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18 thoughts on “Which is The Best Messaging App, WhatsApp or Telegram?”

  1. I would have chosen Telegram but its claiming to be a god by spreading his arms as Jesus did on the cross of calvary.

  2. You will rethink about this post the day you will be desperate to send a file to a friend. you will understand why telegram rule them out .

    This are list of channels that will make you start thinking of portin to telegram .

    and also bots, but becuse of yomiprof who might think am spamin i will not post the link here .

    Beside : Sir Yomiprof, telegram have not added video call yet . which i dont want telegram to add .
    i like the way telegram is , fast and simple .
    if i want video call i will use facebook M, OR Skype.


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