What is Happening to InnJoo?

I carefully looked at my old ancient InnJoo i2s announced September
2014, and flashed back to when it was first launched how everyone wished to get
one. It was the talk of the town before InnJoo Fire cat walk into the scene;
and the sales were massive. But now, InnJoo seems to be silent and not just
silent but asleep. 

I checked their forum and it’s more or less like a graveyard.
While other brands are busy amusing their fans and users, InnJoo seems to be in
a long walk away from home. The question is what is happening to InnJoo? They
haven’t even unveiled want they have to offer this year 2016 and the year is no
longer a virgin.
Other brands have already unleashed minimum two devices into
the market while the ultimate Mortal Combat InnJoo have totally forgotten about
their users, no updates, no upgrades and everyone kept asking when is InnJoo
going to release Lollipop update for InnJoo Fire Plus and others. The bad news
is that I don’t think these devices will ever smell update.
Or could it be that InnJoo might be cooking something that
they don’t want the public to know about? I pray they wake soon. Or what do you
think is happening to innJoo?
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33 thoughts on “What is Happening to InnJoo?”

  1. I have a very SAD experience as far as injoo is concerned…..Flash back to October 2015, I urged y Wife to sell her Samsung Galaxy K-Zoom because i saw update/advert of injoo fire plus 3G…she listened to me and sold the phone…i also gathered money and we bought ourselves INJOO FIRE PLUS 3G each….in lass than 6 weeks, her phone fell and the screen got scattered. we sent the phone from ibadan to thier office in lagos and they collected N9000 from us to replace a screen of a phone under waranty…As if that wasnt enough, 3 weeks after collecting the phone , her screen started flickering and believe u me, the screen is broken again (2nd time), While looking for money to fix the screen, i was in office in january and i was charging my own injoo fire plus 3G too, then the phone started heating up. i removed the battery and inserted it back, still the same (NOT THE TYPE OF NORMAL HEATING OF PHONE O…I MEAN IT GOT HEATED UP THE TYPE THAT CAN BOIL WATER OR EVEN COOK INDOMIE) I gave my engineer since i cant gather money so quick to send to lagos. he flashed the phone and the phone stopped heating up. BUT UP till today, my innjoo cant charge with a charger anymore. i can only use a desktop charger to charge the battery…did i forget to tell u that we replaced my wife's screen later in march and believe me, the screen has broken again. YES (I am sad i bought the brand and also lured my wife to giving up a samsung galaxy k-zoom for such rubbish brand)

    • Sorry bro. I also have a very sad experience with my innjoo i2s. It doesn't charge with charger when the phone is ON, it only charge when it's off. The worst aspect of it is that all the engineers I took it too couldn't fix it. Charges on laptop but doesn't detect on my laptop. They said the phone has expired.

      InnJoo is such a useless brand.

  2. Lol….. Pls please did any one has sad experience with injoo max2 plus? I bought it last year December and d phone as drop from my hand couple of times, and nothing happen to it…… Or am I just lucky?

    • I guess you are lucky. My Fiancee's InnJoo 3 has started acting weird. And I'm not ready to get her another one. It surprises me that no Phone repairer in IMO state could fix it. She can hear me but I cant hear her wen we call.

      Phone can't charge except its turned off. InnJoo I guess is still asleep.

  3. I'm having a bad experience currently on the innjoo phone i bought recently from Jumia. The Innjoo halo Gold. The phone is so substandard . It doesn't minimize and therefore doesn't multi-task.With very low camera quality. Pls has anyone had such issues on the innjoo halo gold. i even have to do a return to jumia and i was told the useless phone and brand passed the quality check. These are some of the things you experience when you buying things online. If i have bought this device from a store, egbon they must change it oh. Prof! what can i do about the minimizing stuff, cus seems jumia are retutning the useless phone in few days. i dont know if i upgrade it to lolipop if it will function properly. i actually ordered the phone for someone, i thought the person has done her review on the phone that's why she specified on the brand. I bought this device for #18,300 with shippig to pickup station. Pls ur opinion. #ilovesamsung

  4. I enjoyed every aspect of my Innjoo fire plus for the first four months afterwards, the battery started failing me. It drops so quickly like 1% per second. Went to their service center at Ikeja thinking warranty will cover it but they said I should pay 2,500 Naira for the battery which may not also last long ��


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