Blackberry Prepared to Stop Producing Smartphones

Most atimes, I keep
wondering  what if one day Blackberry Ltd
decide to fizzle into thin air, what will happen to BBM or Blackberry devices?
I know of some persons who are damn crazy about blackberry devices that they
vow never to use any other devices.

The truth is, Blackberry maybe force to
stop making smartphones if turnaround efforts fail to gain traction, Chief
Executive Officer John Chen said in an interview.

BlackBerry’s smartphone revenue fell 31
percent to $263 million in the most recent quarter from a year earlier. If the
current state continues for a “long time” and drags down the company’s
shareholders and balance sheet, it wouldn’t be right to keep going
, Chen said.
What will you do if Blackberry is no
more? Will you port to Android or iOS or you’ll move back to our beloveth
Source: Bloomberg
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