You’ve Been Charging Your Smart Phone Wrongly

It is unfortunate that alot of us
don’t know how to keep our phone battery healthy. In fact, you’ve probably been
hastening the death of your phone’s battery with your charging habits.

to 100%? Charging overnight? Fully discharging before plugging in? All these
common practices can shorten the usable life of your battery, according to Cadex,
a company that offers devices that test smartphone and other batteries.
2018, you should try all you could to extend your device battery life.
Cadex offers a lot of information
about batteries on its Battery University website. Among the things it
discusses is lithium-ion batteries – the type that powers smartphones. It turns
out — if you’re interested in delaying having to replace your battery or buy a
new phone — there are specific percentage charge levels within which you should
keep your phone’s battery.
How to Charge Your Phone Battery?
The best way to charge your phone is a little at a time,
whenever you have a chance.
Just plug it in whenever you can,
even if it’s for a few minutes, and you’ll be fine.”Partial charges cause
no harm,” according to Battery University.
charging your phone wrongfully

>> Don’t fully discharge your phone before plugging it
Battery University says that
so-called deep discharges – which happen when you use your phone until only a
small portion of its battery life is left — wear down batteries.
>> Try to keep your battery’s charge level between 65%
and 75%.
The lithium-ion batteries inside
your smartphones will have the longest lifespan if they’re kept between 65% and
75% charged at all times.
clearly impractical to always keep your phone charge between those levels, but
at least you know what’s ideal!

>> You can keep its charge level between 45% and 75%
second best charge range for batteries inside smartphones is between 45% and
75%. That’s probably a lot more realistic for most people on a day-to-day
basis. In fact, you could potentially develop a daily routine to plug in your
phone at particular times to keep its charge within those levels.
>> Never fully charge your battery — and particularly
not from a low charge level.
your phone’s battery from a low 25% charge to 100% will reduce its capacity and
shorten its lifespan.
In fact, charging from pretty much
any amount to 100% is a bad idea. According to Battery University, lithium-ion
batteries do “not need to be fully charged, nor is it desirable to do so.
In fact, it is better not to fully charge, because a high voltage stresses the
battery” and wears it out in the long run.

>>Charging your phone
overnight is wrong… Stop It
Lot of people have debated about
charging your phone overnight but if charging it to 100%, it will cause a lot
of damages  to a phone battery lifespan
so it should be discourage.
Source: Business Insider, Battery University and Cardex.
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22 thoughts on “You’ve Been Charging Your Smart Phone Wrongly”

  1. I have just learnt something new. But with the erratic power supply we have in Nigeria and the urge to always be online making research, how do we maintain our cell phone battery at 65%. Its gonna be difficult

  2. Hmm, nice info prof. But 4 diz 9ja, if NEPA bring light and u no take that opportunity charge ur phone fully the next time u go see the light na after ur phone don off finish o.

  3. Great information! I have been trying to adapt to the 65% – 75% rule since i got my xiaomi redmi note 4x 3 weeks ago. And i must say i haven't used any phone which the battery last long as this one. Again thumb up sir.

  4. Nice writeup but I need to add that most of the new phones produced recently now comes with advanced circuit that adequately regulates battery process of phones.

    Instead of passive current circulation after its complete charged, the circuit controls the current entering thereby prolonging battery life.

    So I think overnight charging is not totally wrong on new phones produced recently.

    • This your theory has not been proving by battery university. So long the battery still operates on Lithium, overnight charging is a bad idea. use a typical case of your normal laptop, the more your charge it after 100% the more you damage the battery.

      It will get to a point your laptop battery will no longer charge to 100% and will go off automatically once it gets to 20-30%.

  5. No matter how you use your battery, the life span will still reduce overtime. The life span reduction will be rapidly if you often consume it to a very low level. You're correct oga yomi.

  6. Am confused here, I thought it's better to charge from from low charging so that to reduce the number of time the phone will be in charging but to follow this message again 45-75% that mean I will be charging my phone almost every 3-5hrs and it might equal to 4-7 times charging a day.
    My little knowledge on battery is this, no matter how you do it the lifespan will surely reduce and it will even better for people with low usage, but for people like me that will surely press phone for every 5-10mins minimum inshort am a heavy user of phone I must charge my phone 2-3 times daily I guess this is not applicable to sir. ?
    Though thanks for the advise I guess the low user can make use of it to prolong there battery life
    HAPPY NEW YEAR ? ? ?


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