Why Do You Care-less About Rooting Your Device?

I remember vividly that every Android devices I’d used
before were rooted, rooting was part of life as it gives you that extra
customization and new look on your device.

Rooting has so many advantages but these days, I noticed
that many Android users care less about Android rooting probably because most of
the Android features you had to root your device to get now ship by default.
Time have changed, most OEM now have their own personal
customization like custom XUI, most of them now roll out updates except for a
very few who are still struggling to survive.
Then, I rooted my devices for various reasons, installation
of custom rom, exploring the nitty gritty of my Android device and now I can’t
believe I didn’t root my Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 probably because I’m satisfied
with the look, feel and current XUI.
In a nutshell I root my devices if need be and let it go if
it’s not necessary.
By the way, Kingroot latest version 5.0.4 is available for
download. It will help you root most stubborn Android device that you’ve been
unable to root for a while within 5min.
You can download it here
Over to you, why do you careless about rooting your device this
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9 thoughts on “Why Do You Care-less About Rooting Your Device?”

  1. Yomi prof. Am in love with you, really. Have stuck with your site for almost 6 years now, though you have left for a while last year. You are back better than ever now. Kudos bro. To a better Yomiprof.com

  2. The phone(Tecno W2 Android 6.0) is too stubborn to be rooted. I have tried KingRoot and RootGenius but to no avail


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